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LinkedIn is on fire now

Seriously hot

Over the past few months it’s been transformed with an absolute hive of activity that all seems to be organic rather than a PR company pushing from the top

If you’re one of the many people who have a profile, but are not active, this blog will change your whole perception of what LinkedIn is

The growth this year has been huge and the most recent stats put the user base at 720 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Here are 5 Reasons LinkedIn is awesome right now

1. People Are Realising Being Human Matters
LinkedIn’s biggest problem has always been that it’s been too stuffy

It’s always been the old dude in the room who still wears a suit and tie, never cracks a smile and doesn’t let their guard down

In 2020 it’s younger, has taken the tie off and realises that people do business with people they like and can relate to

People can show off their insecurities, inject personality and ultimately be human

And importantly people have discovered the art of storytelling and the power of a narrative

The fact now that there is a video series on LinkedIn ran by Mike Morgan called “Humans Of LinkedIn” shows just how far LinkedIn has come

2. Lurkers Are Starting To Get Active
You know something special is happening when those names you never used to see in the feed, suddenly start appearing

It’s like a networking event full of old friends returning and new faces

A few months ago you could guarantee the names you’d always seen in your feed

The prolific users are still very much active (like ourselves)

But if variety is the spice of life, LinkedIn has discover the spice

3. The Reach Can Be Massive
LinkedIn has never ranked high for us in terms of driving traffic our website – it’s always been dwarfed by Twitter and Facebook

It has however, drove a lot of business for us

I mention this because it’s easy to treat LinkedIn like a Link dropping platform – post a link to your article or an article that chimes with your thinking and then go

There’s a perception, and our analytics back this up, that LinkedIn is penalising links in the newsfeed because they take people away from the website

So why is the reach still massive?

The reach comes in where you craft a well thought out post, i.e more than one line and go, that encourages discussion and feedback within LinkedIn itself

Over the past few months we’ve regularly been hitting 5 figure reach on our posts that resound with our audience

4. Native LinkedIn Video Is Here
Not everyone has it yet and not everyone is using it

But you can now upload video natively to LinkedIn rather than linking out to Youtube

It’s a sign that they’re moving with the times

There’s Live Video and LinkedIn Stories all of which have added to the platform in recent months

Text only posts still rule, but you have options to use content that plays to your strengths

5. It’s Still The Only “Business” Social Media Platform
It’s still the only social media platform that is business 1st – rather than consumer 1st and businesses trying to hijack it

That’s an important USP

It’s become a place we can go to with purpose and chat business rather than being distracted by what Trump has tweeted or what terrible tragedies have happened in the world

In the same way that Instagram is a happy place for consumers, LinkedIn is a happy place for business owners

It’s business through and through – but there’s a relentless positivity and it’s a place where people really do want to help other business


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