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Remember Remember
In this week’s blog we’re going right back to the basics, the core disciplines, the things you need to remember to make each of the individual Social Media platforms work for your business

If you ever get lost with Social Media – this is the blog you need to Remember Remember

Twitter 121 Conversations

Twitter is all about 121 Conversations

If you’re going on to twitter to purely broadcast sales messages into the ether and not take note of what others are saying you’re missing out on 99% of what makes Twitter great

Think of Twitter like a networking event

You can shout out your intro round pitch, but if you don’t actually take the time to talk to anyone else in the room, you’re going to walk away empty handed at the end of the event

There’s no end to who you can chat with – locals in your town, your clients, businesses you network with, your target customers list

It’s good to talk as the old BT adverts used to say

Facebook Engagement vs Facebook Likes

Facebook doesn’t show you every update from people you’re friends with or pages you like

The average Facebook user could see up to 1500 updates on their page each day – Facebooks algorithm means you’ll be served about 300 – just 20%!!!

The algorithm is based on what you have previously engaged with and by engagement we mean like, comment and shared

That’s why you see friend’s updates that you engage with a lot more than the old school friends you never chat to

So what this means for businesses is you have to focused on creating content that people engage with rather than just being focused on the number of likes on your page

People share things that make them feel something emotionally – something that makes them laugh, surprised, nostalgic, happy, angry or upset

Think about your emotional impact in your updates

LinkedIn Relationships

How many times have you met someone, connected on LinkedIn and left it at that

Collecting numbers on LinkedIn is pointless

You need to focus on the person and the relationship

LinkedIn is constantly offering you touch points with your connections where you have a reason to keep in touch

And then the newsfeed is a active portal of information, discussion and debates

To not follow up is to leave cash sitting on the table

Instagram Quality Wins

Instagram is like a glossy magazine where perfection wins every time

They’ve expanded somewhat with Instagram Stories to give a real authentic look behind the scenes, but the main Instagram feed is all about gloss and perfection

You probably laugh at people taking foodporn photos in restaurants whilst you tuck into your meal – but next time you see them observe and look at their craft

They take time and care over the content they are putting out on Instagram as they realise that is their brand on display

If it’s your brand on display you should care as much about the quality of your output

Remember Remember

So many blogs are just internal newsletter made public

Your blog is not a platform to talk about yourself constantly

Your blog is an opportunity to connect with your audience in something they find of value

You need to know your audience; what help, advice and information they need; how they like it delivered

And then you serve them repeatedly whilst showing off your expertise

Those that offer the most value with blogs, get the most return

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