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When we started Altrincham HQ in 2009, Altrincham was a very different beast to what it is now

It was just before Altrincham was called a Ghost Town by the Sun

We still found something positive to talk about each day. There was always light within the dark. We celebrated what we had

And we do the same to this day in 2018 – except with Altrincham it’s buzzing so much it’s more the occasional blip of darkness in the light that breaks through

Since 2009 I’ve worked with Altrincham Town Centre Partnership on community events, won Altrincham & Sale Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award twice, won Best Social Media Company in Manchester at the Talk Of Manchester Awards and recently I’ve worked alongside Altrincham BID on the marketing advisory panel to help support their efforts. In 2017 I trained over 2000 people on Social Media

So what would I do to improve the fortunes of Hale using Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

1. Collective Flyer Campaign representing Brand Hale

Hale still has huge amounts going for it in terms of restaurants, bars and pubs

You can’t move in the Railway during the football; Victors is an omnipresent feature in Instagram stories as is Piccolinos; The Garden ticks the box for all things health; Danilo’s – well it’s Danilo’s and everyone knows Danilo’s; La Familigia, Pizza Express and Carluccios are all perfect for families; I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Sigiriya; The Cheshire Midland offers a cheap pint; Stockyards Burgers are AMAZING; The Elk is a place to try something new every time

And that’s just the tip of what Hale offers

Put all of that together and you have the power of collective

Hale needs marketing to the people of Hale and Bowdon as well as the people of Altrincham and Timperley who should be coming to Hale for a night out or a bite in the day

10-15,000 flyers distrubuted solus to market the food and drink offer in Hale should be an immediate MUST

And then you start on the retail offering

And you repeat on a regular basis

Traditional Marketing still has a place and Altrincham Design Studio have done wonders for Altrincham BID and Altrincham Town Centre Partnership in terms of solus leaflet distribution

2. Social Media Training For Every Stakeholder
Greater Altrincham (and by that I mean Altrincham, Timperley, Hale, Bowdon, Broadheath) is one of the most active social media towns in the region

When it comes to marketing online this puts the area at a massive advantage

The businesses in Altrincham often have a dedicated Social Media Manager or have received Social Media Training so that the social media marketing is consistent rather than a sporadic post once a week or bi-weekly

Hale businesses need to grabs this by the horn, get serious about Social Media, get training and empower every stake holder (business owner / employees) to sing from the same hymn sheet

Everyone involved is and needs to be an advocate for Brand Hale

And then the customers and community will be encouraged to post more about their great experiences in Hale if they see the businesses promoting themselves

3. Hale Event strategy

Altrincham has put events at the heart of the regeneration

People can buy online – but experiences that bring people together are still things that can only take place in person in our town centres

Manchester Marathon, Goose Green Festival, Altrincham Christmas Lights Switch On, Altrincham Lantern Parade, Easter Trails, Halloween Events, Alt Harvest are just a few of the events that fill up the diary

There’s always something new. A reason to come into town for something new

To build on what Hale has to offer 12 months a year – Hale needs events on a regular basis give a reason for people to spend



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