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If you could write a wish list of improvements you’d like to see on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram I’m sure you’d all be able to come up with a comprehensive list

We all spend so much time on social media it’s in our nature to question wouldn’t it be great … if it just did this

Below are our 10 Changes I’d Like To See On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

Naturally there’s a disclaimer: Some of these suggestions might be facilitated on external / paid for tools – but these are suggestions for the platforms natively

And we’d also like to see your suggestions in the comments section – is there anything you’d love to see changed on your favourite Social Media Platforms

1. Facebook Pages – On This Day

If you’re a regular Facebook user you’ll look at Facebook On This Day on your personal profile

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion

And we all know Facebook is driven by emotional reactions – things that make us happy, sad, laugh, angry, outraged, shocked and astounded

You can see that range of emotions if you spend 30 minutes on Facebook

Now imagine if “On This Day” for Facebook Pages was inbuilt into the platform

Many Facebook pages have 10+ years of content on and with much larger audiences now On This Day would give brands an opportunity to repurpose old content that resonates with the audience

2. Facebook Pages – Welcome Notes / Posts
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, sees groups – private or public communities of users centred around a certain topic – as central to the next chapter of the company’s growth.

One of the best features they’ve introduce recently is the Welcome Note Post where group admins can automatically tag in new members of a group with a welcome note to introduce them to the group

It encourages engagement, brings established members and new members together and allows admins to further explain what to expect from the group

Now imagine if you could do this automatically on Facebook Pages

It would kick-start engagement from the week when people like a page and encourage them to become part of the community

3. Facebook Pages – Top 10 Leader boards
The most active members of your Facebook Page apps have always been a great addition to pages

The problem is they all either stop working or start charging – which isn’t always accessible for a small business

Gamification works in all areas of life from the Top 10 Of The Year Polls to our local bar which has a Zombie Counter for cocktails

Facebook itself doesn’t want you to ever leave the app so what better way than gamifying pages to encourage people to comment

And with all the data Facebook has – it could make it more meaningful than just the most comments or likes – it could take in to account how much interaction each persons contribution added to the page

Twitter Logo
4. Twitter – Polls With Pictures

One of the questions I get asked most often in training sessions is

“I love the idea of Twitter polls, but why can’t you have both a poll and a photo in the same tweet to make it stand out”

Simply scroll down your twitter feed – which stands out more – photos or polls?

It’s a simple win for Twitter and one that wouldn’t be that hard to introduce

5. Twitter – Slideshow Cover photos
I’ve only been asked this once and 8 years of training and yet when it was suggested in my 1st training session of 2018 it totally made sense

Twitter Slideshow cover photos

Perfect for businesses that have more than one offering

The business in question was one that offered Weddings, Functions, Sports, Membership package

Sure a cover photo could be turned into a collage or bespoke design covering all

But imagine if you could have an optional slide show showing off all aspects of your business in full size technicolour

6. LinkedIn Status Search

Back in the old days of LinkedIn there used to be something called LinkedIn Signal

We used it EVERY day

Even though LinkedIn is on fire in 2017/18 – this Signal feature on LinkedIn from the old days was it’s hidden gem (much like the underused Twitter search for many)

Imagine you could search all public statuses from everything from towns like Altrincham, cities like Manchester through to searches like Social Media or Twitter help

It was a strong lead generator that allowed you reach outside of your 1st degree network

If I could bring one feature to LinkedIn it would be this one

7. LinkedIn Private Mode Gets Removed
LinkedIn Private Mode goes against everything that is good in networking and social media

It’s frustrating, a snide move and completely pointless for everyone involved

We feel that sense of distrust when someone face to face can’t look you straight in the eye

This is the online equivalent and I think we speak for everyone on LinkedIn – it’s a feature that needs to be removed

Instagram New Logo
8. Instagram Lists

One of the things that stops me following more people on Instagram is that I want a perfect curated newsfeed

And by perfect I mean totally perfect

But I have many interests from business to food to music to fitness and I don’t want to be flitting between several different accounts for each interest

If Instagram introduced Instagram Lists – similar to Twitter lists – where I can follow a large number of accounts on a list by sub interests rather than following every account or hashtag specifically it would be a great addition

Anyone else thinking the same?

9. Instagram Bots Blockers
Instagram has a bot problem and it’s dangerous for small businesses

There are small businesses out there that think they’re killing Instagram in terms of engagement … and yet 80% of their engagement is coming in the form of twitter bots

On our Instagram we get an ok number of likes and comments on each post – but we know the majority of those are real people

We know if we include certain hashtags – some as simple as #socialmedia – we will attracts many more likes via bots which in perceptions terms looks better to the outside world

Bots are a problem across a lot of social networks, but Instagram it’s rife and they need to do something about it quick

10. Instagram – Location Follows / Notifications
Instagram has just announced that you can follow hashtags on the platform

The next logical step from that surely needs to be either Location follows or notifications

When you’re working on an account there are 5 places people can tag you in
– Tag you in an Instagram story
– Tag you in a comment
– Tag you in the photo
– Tag you with a hashtag
– Tag you in a location

You have to manually check the latter to look for user generated content

And it should be easier than that even if it’s a feature just for those with Instagram business accounts



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