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I mean this when I say “Your biggest failure is 90% of your staff don’t understand social media”

Social Media has become something that sits in a marketing department or that one person is responsible for as “one of many tasks”

It needs to be bigger than that

The fact that your staff don’t understand social media is the very reason there are content droughts, why poor customer service ends up as a viral horror story and why brilliant staff aren’t able to contribute to the success of your social media

Here we look at some of the reasons why your staff don’t understand social media for business

1. Most Employees View Social As Just That
Most employees view social media as something they do in their social time

And that’s a massive negative, but also has massive upsides

If employees use social media personally they know they psychological reasons they like, comment or share something – it’s always based on an emotional stimuli be that it makes them happy, sad, angry, shocked, wowed, nostalgic and so on

If they understand how they use social media in their spare time then they can start to understand the basics of why businesses use social media and why certain posts are being posted and why certain techniques are used

2. Most Employees don’t understand the economic impact of Social Media
“Social Media should deliver a Return On Investment as well as the warm fuzzy feelings you get with interaction” – it’s one of the things I say all the time about social media

Social Media has a massive economic impact on social media and yet if your employees don’t understand this, how can they get fully on board with assisting the companies social media marketing

Social Media can massively make or break a business and therefore the economic impact of social media is real

In terms of employees great social media can mean staff are receiving more tips and more shifts off the back of a great social media campaign

The impact doesn’t just help the business owner at the top – it helps every stake holder in the company including employees

3. Most Employees don’t understand how their work impacts Social Media
Take a look through the review websites and you’ll see one common thread

It’s the customer service of staff that that attracts raving fans or angry customers

It’s the same with social media

Social Media isn’t just something that happens over there in that office – it lives and breathes in every department especially those customer facing staff

How many employees understand that what happens in real life ends up on social media?

4. Most Employees aren’t asked how they can contribute to social media
When was the last time you asked your staff what they’d like to see on social media?

Honestly – have you ever asked them?

Have you asked them what post stood out on social media in the past month?

Do they even follow you on social media?

Employees are great sources of stories to amplify on social media and great to bounce ideas off

5. Most Employees aren’t enthused to talk about social media
Because of all the above most employees are enthused or empowered to talk about social media

People don’t talk about things they don’t understand or aren’t involved in

Your staff should be massive advocates for what you do as a business and what you do on social media

They should be shouting from the rooftops about the great things you do on social media


As well as booking Social Media training for those staff managing your social media, why not book a 2 hour frontline / office staff workshop so that your staff are motivated to contribute to social media and understand what sort of stories / content work well on social

It could just be the social media secret you’re looking for to really excel on social media

Chat to about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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