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Blogging is at the heart of everything we do.

And it should be at the heart of everything that you do.

It’s the content that underpins your business education and marketing output.

Below are 13 Blogging challenges to set yourself in 2022 – we hope you pick one and that you actually find them fun, challenging and helpful to your business.

Do read on and let us know on email which one you’ve chosen.


1. Read Every Single Blog By One Writer
Last year I went really deep on the Roslund & Hellstrom Swedish Crime novels.

I read the 7 books in the Ewert Grens series back to back.

I’d never before gone so deep into an authors back catalogue and I enjoyed every moment of it. Every single moment of the 3500 or so pages.

I imagine over the years you might have done the same – whether it be reading every single Harry Potter book or the Complete Works Of Oscar Wilde.

I want you to think now of a blogger that you really really like reading the content of (Hint: Me Me Me). Or those bloggers that you might just seem from time to time because you see a tweet or a Facebook post of.

Now I want you to make it your mission to read every single blog by that person to soak up every single word of advice the offer.

Hint: We have 500+ blogs on our website – so it sounds a lot, but it’s only 2 blogs to read each day.

2. 30 Days Blogging Binge On One Subject
Think about which areas of business you really really want to improve on.

Now change your mindset and rather than jumping from subject to subject throughout the day, rather than being distracted by clickbait from the newspapers – find focus.

Literally spend 30 days consuming nothing but content on that specific subject.

If you want to find out more about TikTok or SEO or How To Grow Your Email List literally write a list of your knowledge gaps and then use trusty old google to go deep on that subject.

It won’t be as effective as 121 training tailored to your business, but you’ll be in a better position that you were 30 days ago.

3. 30 Days Of Reading Blogs On An Interest Outside Work
The actual idea of this blog was inspired by reading a blog by Penguin Books.

A lot of my inspiration for blogs comes from outside the world of marketing.

Ideas often spring up when running or reading fitness / health / book / music blogs.

Why not use your down time to read about interests outside work / business and see how reading about other subjects can springboard ideas for your own writing.


4. A-Z Challenge
Right now on Instagram Reels I’m doing the A-Z Of Social Media 2022.

At the end of this Instagram Reels series, I will publish a blog on the same subject.

How about you go one step further and actually write a full blog on each of the A-Z subject matters.

26 blog ideas over 12 months means you’ll be more active than many other business bloggers and you’ll cover a wide range of subjects in your industry.

5. Write Every Day for 30 Days
I’ll be honest this challenge is A LOT harder if you’re an established business and have customers to serve.

But if you’re starting out in business and you want to establish yourself as an authority this is a strong way to get noticed.

I’d recommend that you write some ideas down before the 30 days start – maybe go as far as having the titles ready in a list.

If you want to challenge yourself start with a totally blank canvas and sit at your laptop and be inspired.

If you look at the biggest musical hits of the 60’s 70’s from songwriting factories to Motown, the writers literally sat down 9-5 to write as a job.

This is taking the same mindset. See writing as a job and vocation and do it every day to flex your creative muscles.

6. Rewrite The 1st 25 Blogs You Ever Published
Take a look back now at the 1st 25 blogs you published.

In terms of clarity, nuanced thoughts and depth they’re probably a C rather than an A*.

And that’s fine, if the world is still a total novice on the subject.

But your audience have probably upskilled and your early blogs don’t represent where your thoughts and expertise is right now.

Either hit the edit button on the original post and update or write a completely new blog on the subject that brings it bang up to date.

7. Counter Argument The Last 25 Blogs You Published
I love the idea of you being both sides of the debate.

Look at the titles and subject matter of the last 25 blogs you published and write the counter argument for it.

It helps you to see things from an opposing point of view and really challenge your own arguments.

As mentioned before, I’m doing a series of Instagram Reels on the A-Z of Social Media 2022. Primarily I’m doing them because I hate everyone else in marketing’s reels and wanted to challenge my whole idea of Instagram Reels and the fact they didn’t need to be pointing or miming to Americans audio clips.

And by doing this I’m getting more followers and more enquiries.

Challenging yourself on blogs will help challenge the whole way you do business.

8. Write An Evergreen Blog For Every Month Of The Year
Do you want to know which are 5 of our most popular blogs of all time?

– December Motivation – 12 Thoughts To Make December Your Best Month
– 5 Of the Worst Business Decisions to Make In September
– 9 Scary Things I Still Hear About Social Media (our Halloween blog)
– 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry About a Quiet August
– How To Cope With Social Media Over The Holiday Season (our other August holiday blog)

They work because they can be promoted every single year.

I still have a lot of work to do to fill some of the other months in the year and it’s a challenge I’ll look at this year.

Write 12 pieces of content that keep working for you.

9. Write An Evergreen Blog For Every Day Of The Week
Imagine if you had a piece of content that would work for each of the 7 days A Week.

It’s a hard one without being a bit cheesy on “Monday Motivation” or “Top Tip Tuesday” and similar vague posts.

But if you can master this and get the distribution right, in theory can use that content 52 weeks a year.

With that in mind what would you like to see Social Media Marketing wise for a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? What would be helpful – email me on

10. Write A Blog On An Interest / Hobby Outside Of Work
A few years ago I set up a blog called

It was based on my runs to interesting landmarks and took in everything from The Smiths / Oasis related runs in Manchester to The Beatles / Pink Floyd / Sex Pistols runs across the UK. If you sense a theme it’s true – I love rock & roll and running!!!

Sadly the pandemic put a stop to a lot of my runs outside of Manchester as I don’t really travel for work these days.

But the actual experience of writing about something that isn’t social media really focuses on the skill of writing, rather than just knowing your subject inside out.

Even if you don’t want to go for the expense of a website / hosting fees, why not write a monthly blog on something you love and just publish on your personal Facebook page or send a word document to close friends and family members.

You’ll look back in years to come and be able to relive every moment.

11. Write A Guest Blog For Every Single Member Of Your Networking Group
Networking should equal support.

Now imagine if you could all get your content on 15-20 other local businesses websites.

3 major benefits
– Brand Recognition
– New Audiences
– Links back to your website

Just off the top of your head, think about the different subjects that opens you up to by doing a collaborative subject

For us it’s opened up our remit to Social Media + Photography and Social Media + Networking.

It could open us up in the future to Social Media + HR or Social Media + Law.

Collaboration works.

12. Turn Your Top 10 Blogs Into Instagram Reels
You don’t always need to create new content.

Re-using your best performing content is a smart move.

1. Use Your Insights / Analytics to see what was performing well 12/24 months ago
2. Pick the 10 best posts
3. Re-write or update them
4. Post that blog content as 60 Second Snippets for Instagram Reels

With a fresh audience, often this content will perform better 2nd time round than 1st time.

You can thank me later 🙂

13. Turn Your Number 1 Blog Into A Presentation You Can Tour Networking Events With
You are public speaking, aren’t you?

It’s a great way to grow your business.

And if you are, like me, you probably ask the group organiser what specifically they want you to talk about.

It’s a good way to generate ideas.

Another way is to go off what your audience already love and turn your top performing written content into a subject you tour.

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