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3 ways to engage your local audience and grow your business in 2022.

Around 75% of the businesses we work with have some element of local marketing to their business.

People love to buy local and when the majority of your customers are within 3-5 miles of your front door, it makes sense that’s where you focus your marketing efforts.

In this week’s blog we talk you through 3 models you can look at to ensure that you’re maximising your reach and message to the people that care.

If you’re busy right now, don’t ignore this, as stats show that the average business will lose 10% of their customers every single year

1. The Circle Approach

The image above is from Chirpty and is specific to twitter engagement – but I want you to get involved in this so please get a pen and paper handy.

Put yourself in the centre of an A4 page.

Draw a series of circles around you that extend to the outside of the page.

Now start to fill in the circles with specific names (from the inside out) with key stakeholders in your business

– Friends and Family
– Suppliers
– Business Neighbours / Networking Group / Existing Key Customers
– Influential Local People
– Rest Of The Town
– The Nearest towns in All Directions

As you’re looking at each of the individual names on the list think, think about whether they
A) Know exactly what you offer
B) Look out for opportunities for you

I know this is true and probably for you as well – my parents wouldn’t be able to explain confidently what I do in the world of social media. My mum would probably say I mess around on Facebook all day to a person that could be an ideal customer. If they knew what I offered was “Social Media Training where we use our 20+ years marketing experience to turn your marketing from average to great” that ideal customer would get in touch straight away.

Having a system in place where people are clear on exactly what you offer, the full range of what you offer and are actively looking for opportunities is a sure-fire way to grow your business.

You probably have 25+ names on that list above.

25+ names selling you to the local audience.

2. The Influencer Approach

Sometimes there’s a need to get the word out about your business quickly.

And I sound like a broken record on this point, but

Think of 5-10 people locally that have a large following in the local area and send them a message now.

Take this approach

1. Hi (First Name)
2. We’re a XXXX (sell yourself in one line)
3. I’ve just read / seen your article / Facebook / Instagram post on XXXX and I thought we’d be a suitable fit for you (Note: Do actually consume their content and engage with it 1st so it’s authentic)
4. How would we go about working together?

And once you’ve worked with them repeat the work every 2 months with each of 5-10 people you’ve got on board.

If you’re a restaurant / bar / beauty business this is easy – a free meal / tasting session / treatment

If you’re a professional services firm – maybe you could do an interview with them / sponsor a monthly post for clients / pay for a workshop (and coverage)

There are so many options out there to reach your local audience and they’re really cost effective for small businesses.

3. The Content Led Approach

I’ve always said that blogging is the foundation of everything I’ve ever done since 1999.

It’s led to a career in journalism, events and social media.

Blogging really is a long-term approach to business and life, so don’t expect to publish 12 blogs and have your life changed in 3 months. You’re just planting the seeds at this stage and with time those seeds will grow to a whole forest that you live off.

Blogging is still as relevant today as it was in 1999, but now there’s a whole new world where you can produce content.

– Short Facebook / LinkedIn Posts
– Instagram Tiles with tips in the captions
– 60 Second Instagram Reels
– 30 second TikToks

Use content to present yourself as the leading expert in your field. The subjects might have been covered before – but this is your voice, your journey and your experience all told to a local audience.

If you want some inspiration check out our blog 13 Blogging Challenges To Set Yourself in 2022 – many of those challenges will set you up for the year and can be used for the 4 content types we mentioned above.

Do all of the above.

Do not do it all at once as it will overwhelm you.

Get the systems in place for each of the 3 areas above and start them one by one, so that when they’re happening together, they’re successful.

Which do you think will work for your local audience?

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