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Our 3rd blog this week for National Work Life Week and this time we focus on the things you could be doing today instead of using Social Media

WOAH! I’m hearing all of you shout what is this “Why Don’t You” for the 21st Century shtick on living a life outside of Social Media

Well, a lot of businesses waste a lot of time by dabbling with social media as we focused on the previous blog 5 Quick Wins On Twitter To Avoid – but in 2014, there is still the time commitment of around 4 hours a week that is absolutely essential to manage your social media activity and reap the big rewards that come with it

Here are 10 Things You Could Be Doing Today Instead of Social Media


  1. Go out for a meal and a drink with your loved one and not put your phone on the table in case you miss that important tweet
  2. Go to watch the local football team and spend some time looking at what’s happening on the pitch rather than what’s on your screen
  3. Actually go to the cinema and not pretend you’re going to the toilet midway through the film to check your phone outside the cinema
  4. Spend some quality time with the kids because you’ll only get one chance to do so
  5. Finish that book you would have finished weeks ago if it wasn’t for the checking you phone at the end of every other page
  6. Carrington Business Park









  1. Go to 2 new networking meetings to meet contacts face 2 face
  2. Develop that new product or service you’ve had at the back of your mind for the past year
  3. Meet up with 4 clients for a catch up to talk through ongoing work
  4. Work on your staff development so your staff reach their full potential within your business
  5. Focus on your finances and perform regular analysis in order to make sure your goals / targets are aligned

Please scroll back to the top of this blog and re-read again slowly thinking of the following questions

Remember – Social Media is essential to running a business – but we can all choose how we prioritise our time

Are you making the right choices?

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