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Altrincham HQ is a hyperlocal Social Media company – which means we often think local in terms of companies marketing strategies

However as happened a couple of years ago in Sydney- being hyper local doesn’t necessary mean tweeting locally. For one week of September, Altrincham HQ turned into New York HQ

New York HQ
When Social Media is such an important part of your businesses marketing strategy, there comes a challenge as to what to do when you’re away on holiday

Quite often when a business runs their social media in house, what will happen is radio silence for 1 or 2 weeks while the business is away

When you’re running a social media management company radio silence isn’t something that can happen for your clients

In September I knew I was going to be away in New York For 8 days and had to set a system up where clients would still receive an engaging service for their accounts

This is what we did

  • We booked an apartment in NYC that had wifi and re-iterated in email a week before that a fully functioning working wifi was essential for work
  • We let the clients know 2 months in advance that it would be business as usual in terms of outbound tweets
  • We set the limitations clearly of what to expect in terms of time difference and engagement
  • We asked the clients to keep an eye on their accounts (as they do anyway) at key times we wouldn’t be around

Due to jetlag it actually meant that were able to engage with customers back home in the UK at approximately 10am, 1pm and 10pm, which meant that the client’s followers didn’t notice any significant difference

That’s not to say on our own Altrincham HQ account, we didn’t have something of a digital detox cutting down the number of tweets by 2/3rd and having some ME time

Let us know below in the comments section how you manage your social media whilst on holiday?

Twitter Analytics

Over the past few months we’ve been working with a North West Property firm on copywriting and web analytics

Content really is key for businesses in 2014 and one thing that was pivotal to our recent success was re-writing and restructuring much of the “Businesses For Sale” section of the website so that A) It was google friendly and B) It was
customer friendly and talked them through the sales process and added value to the website experience

Within one month alone the stats from organic search, social media and other metrics had doubled

Which led us to the next stage of the process in mid September, which is further increasing the reach of their content via a structured social media campaign

In just under month one the Twitter stats look like this

  • 347.6% more impressions than the previous 28-day period
  • Link clicks up 391.7% compared to the previous 28 days
  • Retweets up 88.2% compared to the previous 28 days
  • Favourites up 61.5% compared to the previous 28 days

In terms of KPIs of Visibility, Web Traffic and then conversions – this shows how great 1 month of a structured campaign can change a business’s marketing

Are you using Twitter Analytic’s to help measure the success and reach of your campaigns?

Home Instead Altrincham and Sale

At Altrincham HQ we’ve worked with a large number of franchised domiciliary care businesses in the Greater Manchester area

When most people think about Social Media they often think of it as a younger person’s playground than the older generation, but by thinking of the route to market it’s possible to reach virtually any demographic via social media

When it comes to the domiciliary care market – the actual initial enquiry is made by the daughter / son / concerned neighbour of the person who actually need help. These people are often aged between 40-50 and are using social media
either to market their business or keep in touch with friends and family – so by reaching out to these people who are often stressed and struggling with work / life balance you can market your care business via social media

How much local news do you pass on to older non-social media users? Let us know below in the comments


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