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The Altrincham HQ Year In Review is a chance to reflect on the positives

We must not be afraid to talk about our success stories and our happy moments

We must not be terribly British and play down our success whilst America gets braggadocios about theirs

Far too many businesses I know will only talk about success with their inner circle and not mention the successful moments that make them happy for fear of looking cocky or arrogant

Here is Altrincham HQ in 2017 – A Year In Review

2000 People Trained On Social Media

There’s some truth in that every business should set massive goals

But there’s also the flipside in that people have different perceptions of what massive is

We started 2017 on a strong footing having trained 400+ people in 2016. And we set what we thought was a huge goal of training 500+ people in 2017

By the end of the year we’d trained over 2000 people

Social Media is our means to an end – what we want to do is truly impact people and that’s the important metric

Likes, Comments and Shares are simply the things that help us get to our end goal of helping businesses large and small

In 2018 we’ve set our targets to training 3000 People – so if you want to partner with us for Social Media Workshops across the UK or Europe email

Salford Lads Club

We love working with businesses

You’ve probably seen the memes of “When you buy from a small business you are not helping a CEO buy a third home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table

etc.” or “when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance”

They’re terribly cheesy, but partly true. Small Businesses are the back bone of the UK Economy

But this year it was working with Salford Foundation and 1000+ NCS volunteers that was a real highlight of the year at Altrincham HQ

Doing work that truly matters – that helps our local communities in way you can only imagine

Enabling these 1000+ volunteers to promote the projects they were doing in Trafford and Salford helping mental health, homeless, LGBT, disability charities and many more worthy causes was so rewarding

It wasn’t just that immediate impact though

It was the fact that part of work was on Personal Branding which will stay with these teenagers for years and have a huge impact on their employment and future success

If Altrincham HQ ended today – our work this year will have an impact over the next decade

Altrincham HQ Euan Blair

Earlier this year we wrote a blog on the top 13 venues we spoke at in the UK

At the top of the list was the Salford Lads Club

I went back to teenage Alex in full-on Smiths / Morrissey fanboy moment as I arrived at the venue in taxi relishing every single moment of that historic venue

I’ve spoken at the venue so many times now, but it never loses that excitement as I walk through the door

If anyone reading this wants to help with my other teenage fanboy moment – I’d love a paid gig at Blackwood, South Wales so I soak up the town the Manic Street Preachers grew up in (email )

And which was my biggest speaking gig this year?

The Birmingham NEC where I got to speak on the main Spotlight stage at the Skills Show alongside speakers such as Euan Blair, yes – son of Tony

It’s an interesting venue and a step up from the Birmingham NIA where I spoke at in 2016

There’s something wonderful about your biggest gig being outside of your home town as it goes above just being “the local option” – skill set and experience matters

Altrincham HQ Altrincham BID Workshop

When I set up Altrincham HQ the mission was helping move Altrincham businesses into the modern age

I was inspired by the Northern Quarter where I ran an events business and every business was using the web to market their business

Back in my home town the press and traditional marketing was god and twitter / Facebook were words only uttered by those in the know

Years later many are using social, but only the few are using it successfully

This year we worked with Altrincham Unlimited – the Business Improvement District for Altrincham Town Centre – on a series of Social Media Workshops geared towards retailers using social media better across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

and other platforms

It’s so important to be part of the community and with the likes of ourselves, Altrincham Unlimited, Altrincham Town Centre Partnership, Altrincham & Sale Chamber Of Commerce and SUBS Altrincham there are so many routes to help your

business. And that’s just the tip – there are 40,000+ people in the town that want the best for Altrincham

The beating heart of Altrincham community is wonderful



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