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Education Education Education

It’s kind of a big thing

On a personal self-development level. On a national prosperity level. On a global level

It’s for the self development that I’ve decided to go back to college for something that no-one who knows me personally would expect – a 10 Day Fitness Instructor Course at Trafford College

In this blog I wanted to explain why someone who is getting close to 40, earns a good wage and runs a successful business is going back to college

This is at the core of everything I’ve ever done in business and life

Do the things that continually challenge yourself to be a better person and improve your life every single day

And the key is challenging yourself – there is a huge difference in challenging yourself and competing with others

Challenging yourself keeps your mind active and makes life technicolour rather than black and white

And we all want that

Joining up the dots are important – everything is connected

There are lessons you can take from one area of your life and implement them in other areas of your life

I recently lost a huge amount of weight (from my heaviest weight to current weight i’ve lost over 8 stone) by treating health and fitness like a business plan

I believe massively in the idea of marginal gains and there will be skills I learn on a Fitness Instructor Course that i’ll be able to implement into all areas of my life and business

Admission time for someone who’s core business is training – I never really liked school. I didn’t find my calling to much later in life

The idea of having prescribed curriculum didn’t appeal to me

The fact a careers test suggested I should be a librarian definitely didn’t appeal to me

Everything changes however when you get to choose what you want to do and have a purpose

I loved college and I loved university

When you do something you love it’s fun and the best educators in life know how to deliver with passion and make lessons fun


I’m nearly 40 and I’ve been a journalist, ran an events company and now run a successful social media company

For the generation leaving school now it’s suggested they will have at least 15 different jobs, several major career changes … and oh the job they will do in a decades time doesn’t actually exist yet

Imagine being so dynamic, so skilled up that you have multiple options to simply do a career that you enjoy whenever you want

Education sets you up for that

There is no reason you can’t wake up one morning, say I want to do this now, educate yourself and do something simply because you enjoy it

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

It’s a mantra across business networking groups … and it happens to be true

There’s only so much you can self-teach in the world before you need formal training and education

Presently I go to the gym 5 days a week, read books on sports and nutrition and know the basics

Formal education will allow me to fill those knowledge gaps

And those gaps are what makes the difference between an amateur and expert


Why don’t you try something new today

For more details on the Fitness Instructors Course, please visit

For details on adult courses at Trafford College, click here

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