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Inactivity Is Dangerous
Inactive Social Media Accounts – we’ve talked a lot about these before

Previously we’ve looked at 7 Assumptions Made From an Inactive Twitter Account and 3 Steps To Successfully Resurrect Your Inactive Social Media Accounts

It’s an important subject because like anything in business: Action is what brings results

Being inactive on Social Media is dangerous – it harms your business

Twitter tool Manageflitter considers Inactive to be “people who have not posted in 30 days”

At Altrincham HQ we’d consider Inactive on Social Media to mean you have not posted at least in the last 48 hours

Inactive on Social Media can mean inactive on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat or your platform of choice

We’re going to look at the 6 common reasons here …

Social Media Is An Asset
1. The Business Is No Longer Active

The obvious of course is the business us no longer active

The owner may have retired, got a salaried position they couldn’t refuse or it simply didn’t work out for them

There are many reasons a business owner would sell or close their business and of course very few businesses close their Social Media accounts down on exit

Suggestion: Social Media is an asset to the new business owner – include this when selling so the new owners can start with a strong marketing platform

Success Does Not Come Without Training
2. The Business Didn’t Understand Social Media From Day 1
We see this scenario so often and it’s the reason we don’t offer “Social Media Set Up” packages at Altrincham HQ

Setting up a social media account is very easy to do. Your 5 year old child could do it for you

It’s what happens next that matters and having a strong marketing plan for each individual account is key

There are so many businesses out there that post the “Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet” message and then never post again

There are so many business owners who ask their friends to like their Facebook page, post 3 or 4 times and then give up

Understanding why you’re using social media; what your marketing message is; what content you have to post every day; how to measure your activity; how to convert fans into customers – all those things play a much bigger part than
simply setting your account up

Suggestion: Success does not come without training – if you don’t understand something upskill yourself on a Social Media training course 

Your Competitors Love It When You Give Up On Social Media
3. Disillusioned With Social Media
Social Media requires patience and hard work

We’ve never been shy about saying that Social Media is not an instant fix, it’s something you work on for the long term

We often compare Social Media to face 2 face networking – you build relationships 1st and over time that creates a mass of new work. BUT you have to be patient and not give up

Those that give up, have given up the fight to their competitors

Some of our longest clients have been with us for 5-6 years now – they’re winning huge amounts of business every single week. They wouldn’t be the businesses they are today if they had lost faith in the 1st week or month

Suggestion: Our Social Media Analytics Course can highlight patterns where things worked and didn’t work on Social Media. Click here for a refresher on Social Media

Too Busy For Social Media
4. Too Busy For Social Media
“Too Busy For Social Media” can either be the truth or an excuse for the fact you simply don’t like Social Media

Let’s give you the benefit of the truth and look at the former

We work with many restaurants and bars for that reason – they are a customer facing business and they simply don’t have the time to pick up their phone in the middle of a busy night and respond to customers or engage with potential customers

Tradesmen are another sector we work with – it’s a hands on job and they don’t have the time in the middle of a messy / dangerous job to keep checking their phones for notifications

There are business owners that are genuinely too busy for Social Media or that would rather outsource it to a professional

But be honest with yourself on this

Suggestion: Do a time audit of your average day. Are there 30 minutes throughout the day you can be on a phone or PC? If so Social Media Training is a viable option. If not – outsource your Social Media to a company like us

Actions Bring Results
5. The Person Running Social Media Has Left The Company
You’d be amazed at how many times Social Media stops for months or years because the person running the social media has left the company

It’s a function that you replace, not one you leave dormant

Customers often consider Social Media to be as an important channel of communication as the phone, email or web chat

With that in mind how much do you worry if your phone lines go down for a morning?

Shouldn’t you be worrying as much if social media is inactive for days, weeks, months and years

Suggestion: Train 2 people in the organisation on the Social Media for the business. This alleviates problems if one person leaves or simply goes on holiday

Lurking On Social Media Is Dangerous
6. Lurker
“I don’t post on Social Media. I just use it as a news channel to follow the news and my sports team”

This is perfectly ok for an individual using Social Media for fun

For a business it’s death

It’s the equivalent of turning up to a networking meeting and observing whilst hiding in the corner

Suggestion: Success does not come without training – if you don’t understand something upskill yourself on a Social Media training course 

Do you have an inactive Social Media Account?

Chat to about Social Media Marketing for YOUR business so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting to you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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