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Inactive Twitter Account
7 Assumptions Made From an Inactive Twitter Account

At least once a month we’ll use to help clean up our Twitter Account of inactive tweeters – try it, it really declutters your twitter account!

Manage Flitter (and Twit Cleaner before it) considers inactive tweeters as “tweeters who have not posted in 30 days”

Each time we do this 50-100 tweeters come up on the list, many of which are trading businesses who have simply stopped tweeting for various reasons.

Shockingly thats 50-100 businesses that are losing out on new and repeat business!!

As Social Media Managers and trainers we understand many of the common reasons (Don’t know how to do it properly, simply don’t have the time, hasn’t driven a return due to unfocused tweets or no strategy)

But let’s look at the assumptions that many of your customers will make from an inactive twitter account

1) The business is no longer trading – this is the biggie and the one to really worry about. 1 in 3 small businesses fail in the first three years, so just as a physical business not opening for a month would signify closure so could an inactive twitter account

…. assuming they don’t think or know your business hasn’t closed let’s look at the other assumptions …

2) The business has a slow response time to customers

3) The business doesn’t respond at all to customer enquiries

4) The business does not take an active interest in their potential customers

5) The business has no interest in online communication so is unlikely to respond to emails either

6) Nothing new has happened at the business within the last 30 days

7) Competitor XYZ is really active on twitter – everybody seems to be using them locally

All of the above result in one thing – LOST BUSINESS – and I don’t know about you, but i’d much rather people came to myself rather than my competitors

Like many people who are looking to buy products / services – I use Twitter and Social Media as my search engine to attract recommendations from those I know and trust – but if a business is inactive and unlikely to respond i’m unlikley to buy from them

If you feel you’re not as active as you should be on twitter – call us to discuss Twitter Training or Twitter Management on 07806 774279 or email


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