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Shop Local

Like many I try to #shoplocal wherever possible – it’s more than a hashtag, it’s something that I actually do

But you know what – Shopping Local is not that easy – 9/10 times you have to search and delve deep into the rabbit hole just to find out the most basic of information

Over the weekend I was out locally in my home town and whilst I could list a dozen things that Slug and Lettuce and Wetherspoons are offering this Easter Weekend / St George’s Day – the 2 independents I visited I couldn’t even name their opening hours this coming Easter Weekend, never mind any special events / offers they had on

Indie Retailers, Restaurants and Pubs – if you want local people to #shoplocal then the reality is you have to market local!

And this is backed up by stats by organisations such as CAMRA

“80% of pub-goers have never been communicated to by their most local pub, but 24% of these people said they would be encouraged to visit the pub more often if they were informed of what events the pub had planned”

Think about this…… here are some lessons that you can learn from the big boys

Wetherspoons OPENING HOURS

You know – the simple things like opening times, what you offer, what is different on each of the 7 Days a week

You’d be amazed how many independent businesses don’t even do this

Phones - Eyes Of Attention
If you’ve never taken 2 minutes to look around at where people’s eyes are focused on – do it now!

Chances are most people are looking at their mobile phones. Yes people walking down the street, stuck at the traffic lights, sat in your premises waiting for a friend who’s running late.

Your print marketing needs to be big and bold to grab the fleeting attention away from the phones and to back that up you need to be on their phones through Social Media whether that is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc

Think Bold and give the double hit!

St George's Day Slug & Lettuce
Do you know why I know Slug & Lettuce are doing selected £5 meals of British Classics on St George’s Day?

They had it on the A Board outside, posters on the walls, at the bar, the stairs to the toilet, in the toilets and they have offers on the back of the staff’s branded t-shirts

I’ll get an email around a week before and they’ll tweet it out leading up to the day

They say it takes 7 times for you to remember something – think about this!

Wetherspoons WHATS ON

Why does Wetherspoons have an events calendar in the gents toilets?

It serves 2 purposes – 1. it focuses on what is coming up at the pub and 2. It’s actually what their customers care about be it sport, national days and ale.

If you’re into Six Nations or the World Cup you don’t necessarily need to be told what dates they are – but they serve as a talking point for what their customers care about

Wetherspoons World Cup

Remember the days when everybody worked 9-5pm Monday-Friday and every single person you knew hit the town centre at 5pm on a Friday?

No – me neither

The quaint days of the past where arranging a group night out was easy are long gone and with different working patterns large groups need to plan their nights out in advance

Make sure your marketing is planning ahead rather than leaving it till 7 days before and then being disappoint when it doesn’t deliver

Marketing like a big business doesn’t have to cost the same as a Big Business

Altrincham HQ work with local businesses on their Social Media Marketing and Planning and how this integrates into their offline marketing (we have a fab team of local designers and printers who alongside us)

Contact Alex on 07806774279 to chat further or email

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