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Succo Juicery Hale

Remember – there are 2 things that make YOUR business unique

  1. You and Your Staff
  2. Your Customers

So photos are really easy way to show this off and the majority of business owners now own a smartphone so it’s an quick easy win

But believe it or not – so many local businesses simply don’t use this rich source of content to create a great original story

Just think about what is the bigger sell for your business

  • The fact that a potential customers friends and people they know visit a business and are photographed with the biggest smiles on their faces


  • That you paid a few hundred pounds on Tradvertising (i.e Newspaper ads) telling the world you’re great

Social Media offers a great opportunity for 2 way communication and while many businesses are understanding the benefits of engagement and conversation, many are still not thinking visually about ways they can involve their customers

Look at this Instagram account of a small startup business, Succo Juicery in Hale, and how they involve their customers (and occasional celeb) on Social Media – it’s great!

Could you involve your customers and staff on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Just think…..

  • Staff Birthdays / Celebrations
  • Regular Customers
  • Customers Celebrating Their Birthday / Anniversary etc
  • Travelling Customers / Tourists

Altrincham HQ offer Social Media Advice and Instagram Training for Small Businesses – For More Info Click Here

Call Alex on 07806774279 or email for more info

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