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What Difference Would 1 New Client A Week via Social Media Make To Your Business?

Think about this for a while – simply – what difference would 1 new client a week via Social Media make to your businesses bottom line?

It’s not a massive unrealistic goal – In fact it’s something the clients I work with achieve every week and more than often exceed by a mile – one client gets 80 new customers a month for example

So one new client each week, 52 weeks a year – what would it mean to your business?

* Web Designer – £500 a website x 52 = £26,000 on the bottom line
* Accountant – £200 for end of year self assessment x 52 = £10,400 on the bottom line
* IT Technician – £75 average job x 52 = £3900 on the bottom line

When you look at your clients average spend, the cumulative spend of winning 1 new client a week is not to be sniffed at!

So isn’t it worth developing a real social media strategy that

  • Give your business the right 1st impression
  • Delivers a consistently strong marketing messages
  • Looks at your ROI for the time spend vs other forms of marketing
  • Delivers New & Repeat Customers time and time again

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