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HSH Altrincham
Harvey Silver Hodgkinson – My Altrincham

Introduce your business and tell us what you’ve been up to recently?
We are the longest established business sales agents in the North-West and have been successfully selling businesses and commercial premises since 1979. Our latest Altrincham sales include Seasons Restaurant in Altrincham, soon to be a new Indian Restaurant, Heart & Soul, now Blue Dog Bar & Grill, Hunters Sandwich Bar in Timperley & Plum in Hale Village. We’re also responsible for bringing Yara to Altrincham & Sahara to Hale.

What makes you different from other similar businesses in the area?
We love what we do, focusing our business in the towns & villages we personally know & have experience in selling, we can use this experience to provide real true valuations based on recent sales, now incorporating video walkthroughs, floor plans, location maps for the businesses we are marketing.

What flexibility does being an independent business give you over a national chain / business?
We are able to view every client as an individual rather than having a one size fits all approach. We look at each individual business and offer a tailored service to market their business/property for sale to optimise the requirements of each client, whether the result is maximise the price achieved, speed of sale, or structured sales such as sale of the business whilst our client retains the property.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge for small businesses at the moment?
Business Rates are currently set at the rate calculated in 2010 with the next schedule review being 2017 – The whole rating system needs reviewing.

Looking back, which piece of advice would you give to somebody setting up their own business today?
Location is still a big part to any business. Whether your business has a retail unit, the ideal location for your premises is to be placed to attract the customers you want, whether it near train station, easily accessible to motorways, etc. But also if your business is online, it needs to be visible & easily found so positioning & placement of your business is imperative to get right. Secondly, having a great team to work with you, listening to their views as well as working on your own ideas. Work on a in-depth business plan & allow the business to adapt to an ever changing market.

What part does Social Media play in your business?
We are now working on bringing the social media aspect to our business together, with facebook links on all the businesses, youtube video walkthroughs for the businesses we are selling, twitter feeds pointing people to the articles we feel are appropriate.

From personal experience when looking to purchase most things these days from a house to a takeaway most people start with an internet search. Business purchases & sales are no different, the most important point with any social media interaction is that the information found is current and up to date.

And getting to know you and your Altrincham…

If you had to sum up Altrincham in one line, what would it be?
Altrincham in the past had been best loved as a high street shopping experience, it benefits greatly from great local transport and also good parking facilities, however, without its independent shops, Altrincham has lost its individuality.

Where do you eat / take out in Altrincham?
There is an impressive choice of places to eat in the Altrincham area, obvious choices are Piccolino in Hale, Sahara in Hale provides great middle eastern food, Swadesh Indian Restaurant in Bowdon, Phanthong Thai is a great new edition in Altrincham & The Victoria also provides great food

Which is your favourite pub or bar to drink at in Altrincham?
The cluster of bars near the Market area is becoming a destination in its own right, previously known for its Belgian bars/World Beer bars (La Trappiste & Mort Subite) it is now attracting other bars & cafes such as Beatnik & Pi

Whilst near by Church Green in lymm and the the Bulls Head in Mobberley offer both great foods & relaxing atmosphere

Where is your essential must visit shop in Altrincham?
Great to see new stores opening in the area with Atelier Rose & Gray Art Gallery & L’Editeur in Hale Village, Laundry Boutique in Altrincham

What’s been the most impressive new business you’ve seen open in Altrincham in the past 12 months
In the climate of early 2012, Bloom were very courageous opening. Not only bringing a new style of dining to Altrincham but also stylish live entertainment venue.

Which local towns do feel Altrincham could learn from and why?
Any town with a blossoming market creating a beating heart to the neighbourhood. Towns such as Bury, Accrington, Northwich all have very active markets pulling in people from far & wide, it needs a gardening market during the summer, what a great place to buy your BBQ & BBQ meats & fish! perhaps night-time food market, Christmas market November/December. The market needs to be operated as a proper business, with enthusiasm & foresight.

In an ideal world What major improvement would you like to see happen in Altrincham?
The removal of Tesco Extra would help the town a lot & if they would leave behind the free car park, landlords should offer shops with lower rents, tree line Stamford New Road, complete refurbishment of the market, reflecting the towns history and vision of the future & efforts to entice individual traders in to the town rather than multiple traders.

And if we want to look you up on Social Media what’s your facebook / twitter addresses?
Twitter @HSHBusiness


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