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Viddy – New Iphone Video App inspired by Instagram

By May 10, 2012June 23rd, 2022No Comments

So the talk of today in the blink and it’s gone culture is the new Iphone app Viddy

The concept itself is a great idea – think of it as a video version of instagram with micro-vids of just 15 seconds that can be altered with filters

A very clean layout on the website version and easy to use interface on the iphone

It’s coupled with a follow, like, comments system we’re all used to and video’s can be shared on Twitter and Facebook

The reality at the moment is suffering from lack of quality control with teenagers uploaded every utterance on to the web for their 15 seconds of fame. The rest of the uploaders presumably are youtube bedroom superstars alongside early adopters such as Siva from The Wanted, Rhianna, Justin Bieber and more interestingly Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

Whether Viddy will take off or it will be superceded by another similar company remains to be seen, but the idea has legs (if only the video length could be extended to 20 or 30 secs) and can be great for small business to get across short ideas that can be translated in a short video clip to be shared across twitter and facebook

Here’s a few ideas we’ve come up with

* Restaurants – behind the scene’s prep of food
* Fashion – new showcases of fashion items in stock
* Business – Short Tips Of The Day / Customer Testimonials
* Therapists / Coaches – Quotes Of The Day
* Events – Crowd interviews / shots

We took a few mins playing around and came up with our micro vid for one of our tasks tomorrow and got a response on twitter within minutes


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