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Twitter JAPAN - image by Xotoko

When we talk to local businesses we find a lot of them just don’t get twitter…. well the latest news from Twitter HQ is that 10 million users in the UK are on twitter and 80% of them are checking out twitter on their mobiles

Of these 10 million user 60% of them have contributed to the network – i.e tweeted

To reiterate that
* 1 in 6 of the UK population are on twitter
* They’re accessing it while passing your shop, restaurant or business
* They’re tweeting about what they do regularly

From a marketing perspective it would be pretty insane to ignore this huge online market and bury your head in sand and “do what you’ve always done”

To put the figures in real terms Twitter has more UK users than watched the Britains Got Talent final this weekend and over 3 times the amounts of people who watched this weekends Man City title winning victory

At Altrincham HQ we are ranked number 1 in the UK for Social Media Marketing on freeindex via independent Customer Testimonials and have plenty of twitter success stories from local Manchester businesses you know and trust

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