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Success in Manchester

Success in Manchester

Altrincham HQ works with many businesses across Altrincham, Cheshire and Greater Manchester on their Social Media Training

Here’s our first in a series of twitter success stories in Manchester so you can see how local businesses are getting success on twitter via our training

“I tweeted about some work I was doing for a client when they were making a bid for local authority contracts. The Public sector expects bidders for contracts to have certain policies in their employment contracts, and we write these for our clients. Another client of ours read our tweet and asked us to do the same work for them as they were about to bid for work and didn’t know they had to comply with these standards. They may not get the contract but at least they are in with a shout, and we secured more work just because of a tweet that we only sent out because Altrincham HQ gave us some excellent training (which has now paid for itself).”

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“The best way Twitter has worked for me so far has been advertising my kettlebell classes. I have had a number of enquiries and interest from people interested in finding out more and I am now looking to put on more classes including ones for a locally based running club as part of their training regime”

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“My name is David Bellin and I’m the owner of Software Assistance Limited. We specialise in helping businesses and organisations by providing website solutions, corporate branding services, and website video production. One morning, approximately 7 weeks ago, Software Assistance Limited benefited from a training session delivered by Alex McCann of Altrincham HQ. We already had a company twitter account – @SoftwareAssist, and believed we knew exactly what we were doing with it. How wrong we were! The training enlightened us as to how to structure our social media campaign, define what we wanted to achieve and then guided us, step by step, to achieve the desired results. In such a short time we now have a campaign that is delivering results. We’ve had 3 specific enquiries just in the last two weeks and also been able to pass on recommendations to other businesses. What is the key to our success story – that’s simple; Altrincham HQ.”

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“The main benefit we’ve received from being on Twitter so far is to increase our profile to the wider agricultural community. I feel that I know more about the events/activities and issues within the industry and can therefore talk knowledgeably to our customers. Additionally we promote one of our magazine advertisers every day on Twitter to our 700+ followers and the fact that we provide this service creates a great impression that we’re working hard on our clients’ behalf. Many of our clients are not involved in social media and so not only does it give us a great reason to chat to them to explain our additional free service but it also gives the perception that we’re a forward thinking company who works hard for those who advertise in our magazine. Additionally as a consequence of talking to our customers about Twitter a number of them have also signed up and so there are increased opportunities for re tweets/mentions both ways. All together a great addition to our PR toolbox!”

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“The training course i did with Alex helped me to identify potential clients and areas i need to target to get bookings in since the course and what Alex shown me

I have grown my follower base dramatically with good quality followers, which is generating new work, I have six new clients just from twitter which are now using my services on a regular basis, I have also networked with other Chauffeur companies and Security companies, so we can now offer full nationwide services and Close Protection Officers for VIP / Celebs etc.

So all in all, The training from Alex has helped me a lot, I thought I understood twitter but trust me i knew nothing!, i still refer to Alex’s training manual for idea’s !”

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