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Things That Politicians Do Well On Social Media.

I half considered just putting the title out there and leaving the body of the blog blank just to see if it went viral.

Now, there’s a lot that politicians do wrong and I’ve previously talked about that on the blog How To Avoid Marketing Your Business like Disingenuous Politicians.

This is the flipside to that blog.

There are Things That Politicians Do Well On Social Media (that businesses could learn from)

They Back Those In The Same Party

Politicians have an unwavering loyalty to those in their party.

    Perhaps, loyal to a fault, when you see some of the actions that politicians back.

    But if one of their party posts on social media, dozens of local activists and 100’s of national activists will jump in with the likes, comments, shares.

    Compare that to the business world where routinely

    • Business neighbours ignore so many posts
    • Networking group attendees ignore so many posts
    • Damn, your friends and family ignore so many posts

    Just imagine, if as a business owner you were guaranteed that 15-25 would support every single post you do.

    They Repeat Their Marketing Message

    I don’t drink, but if i’d have been taking part in an election debate drinking game and drank a finger for every time Rishi Sunak said “He doesn’t have a plan” or Keir Starmer said “My father was a toolmaker” i’d have been very very drunk within 5 minutes.

      Now, I’m not sure we learned anything in the debates and I’m sure In the 80s / 90s / 00s politics wasn’t just shouting 1 phrase for 60 minutes.


      Repetition of a message is key to make it stick.

      Stats say it takes at least 7 times hearing something for someone to remember it.

      How often do business owners post something out once and never mention it again?

      As business owners we need to own our marketing message and make sure the world knows it.

      If you haven’t heard me say “I’m qualified, experienced and have a track record of delivering results” then you’ve been under a rock.

      They Document Each Moment

      I don’t think I’ve known a political party to ever go out campaigning without taking selfie or filming a video.

        I do know however that business owners don’t document every moment.

        The networking meetings, the 121’s, the training, the day to day of their business life.

        If customers don’t see what you’re doing, they don’t know what you’re doing.

        There are certain things you can do in stealth mode, but you can document the core things you do on a weekly basis.

        If you don’t promote it, you demote it.

        They Are Consistent

        There’s a joke that politicians only show up at election time.

        I even referenced it in the last blog mentioned above.

          The reality is the good ones are consistent all year around with an uplift leading up to Local Elections and General Elections.

          Luckily more businesses are consistent these days, but there are still a number who just disappear for weeks or months without a post

          Like any areas of life consistency is key and we need to treat social media like email or phonecalls.

          We don’t have a month where we’re inconsistent in replying to emails or answering phonecalls, yet with social media of which 86% of over 13 year olds use in the UK, it’s considered ok to not communicate or reply to messages on for weeks or months.

          They Have A Sense Of Humour

          “That’s too funny for the Lib Dems” was one of my responses to a TikTok this week.

            “Labour are smashing it on TikTok” right now

            A groan came out when the Conservatives tried to be funny.

            Now, I know some will say politicians should be serious at all times, but it’s humour that breaks through the noise and gets people watching.

            The businesses that stand out on social media for me are often the ones that have a sense of humour.

            Not necessarily the ones with the glossiest content – the ones with the genuine laughter moments.

            Try doing something funny on socials in the next week and see the uplift in engagement.

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