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We’re in the lead up to the election campaign and regardless of which party you support – it’s horrific, messy and disturbing to watch

There is nobody from any party coming out of this looking good

So how as a business do you avoid marketing and being disingenuous like those in politics?

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Those in politics are supposed to represent the electorate all year around

But in reality in means we see them a couple of months before election time and they then disappear and ignore the population en masse

Whether it’s marketing or networking you need to be present more the once a year

Being present is half of what’s need to establish your business in the market

Truly listening, engaging and understanding others is a way to truly establish your name

Takeaway: Don’t expect to do anything once and get huge results from it

One of the shocking tactics I’ve seen this month is a party who locally came 3rd in the last election with 15,000 less votes than the party in 2nd place stating “Only we can win here”

Now I don’t care who said that – what I care about is the truth and being truthful in your marketing

Businesses advertising is regulated via the ASA whereas political parties can seemingly state what they like

Great marketing amplifies the truth to the fore

As a social media marketing company you’ll know that we have 400+ LinkedIn Testimonials and we were voted the Best Social Media Company in Manchester. It’s a message we regularly push and one that fits in with our mission of amplifying the truth. On the other hand there are companies that claim to be the “Best In XXXX” despite having nothing to back it up

Takeaway: If it’s truthful, market it so everybody knows. If it’s a lie you’ll get called out on it

If customers don’t vote with their wallets on your own doorstep – then don’t expect to be parachuted into a town where nobody knows your name and expect to win

It might seem quaint and old fashioned to expect those up for election to actually live in the town their hoping to be elected in, but we’ve seen a number of candidates parachuting in and out of town with weeks notice of an election and expecting to win

Life doesn’t happen like that and people want to meet, like, know and trust those that they’re doing business with

Despite the fact we’re called Altrincham HQ we work all over the UK – but it was our hard work in Altrincham over a number of years which opened all those opportunities

Takeaway: Be a big fish in your local pond until you outgrow that pond

You really don’t want to end up like a Black Cab Driver bashing Uber as many times as 20 tweets a day do you?

Honestly – focus on yourself, what you do and stop focusing on the competition so much

Political Debates end up like a school playground and businesses really need to elevate themselves above that

At times you might need to call out bad practice, but choose your battles sparingly and make sure your own house in in order first

Takeaway: Accentuate your positives and focus on your success more than focusing on the competitions perceived weaknesses

Some of the worst examples of humanity I’ve seen on social media have been people with limited interests which fuelled by alcohol leads to an aggressive tunnel vision mentality

Surround yourself with people from a wide variety of industries, view points and make sure that the 5 people you spend most time with have a positive mindset

These people will be able to offer encouragement but also sense check what you’re doing and won’t just provide an echo chamber that feeds your echo

It’s easy to feel your opinion is right when everyone is toe-ing the party line

Takeaway: Search out books and articles that challenge your opinion

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