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World In Your Hand

The Power Of One

You can share one businesses social media post
You can invite one business to the networking event
You can mention one person in the comments
You can post one positive post
You can lend one book to a colleague
You can suggest one idea in the meeting
You can give a compliment to one business

You can do one extra rep in the gym
You can run one extra mile
You can eat one less packet of crisps
You can have one less pint
You can watch one less mindless TV show
You can pause for one minute before snapping
You can call a friend for one minute just to say hello

These are all small changes which don’t take much effort

But when everyone does them on a regular basis they become powerful

They improve people’s lives and their business

They improve the world

One is a powerful word

The Power Of One is down to you

What one thing could you do differently today?

What change can you make?

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