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Restaurant Photos

Restaurant Photos

There are a huge amount of blogs out there in the blogosphere about why you should be using images on Social Media so I won’t repeat what has already been said

All that you need to be reminded of before I continue is

  • Tweets with image links get 2 times the engagement rate of those without
  • On Facebook, photos perform best for likes, comments, and shares as compared to text, video, and links
  • Instagram as you can see from above is just images – essential for those attracting 13-18 year old customer base (plus many more older use it)

What I actually want to do is tell you a story about one of our clients who has WON big via Social Media for the past few years – in fact Social Media is working better for them than newspaper, radio and flyer marketing

However one thing they we’re massively missing was images and like many businesses the issues were time and who to delegate the task to

This is what happened when we delegated somebody in the business the role of Social Media Photographer and watched 4 things change massively


Facebook Reach is the hot potato of Social Media Marketing at the moment and the question of How do you increase your reach without paying for Facebook Ads or Is it time to jump in and pay for Facebook Ads?

I knew the moment we started getting regular photos from the client the reach would increase massively and in terms of stats, at the end of week one as you can see from the photo above

  • Total Page Reach +596%
  • Post Reach +308%
  • People Engaged + 308%

In the 2nd after all of those figures have increased as well

Now – reach isn’t the be all and end all of Social Media – but in laymans terms more people seeing your posts, engaging with your posts and social done the right way will lead to an increase in people buying into your business

Already with a relatively new product line we have seen people discovering new healthy options which they weren’t aware of due to limited reach on Facebook Status updates
If Facebook Reach was a natural and expected increase …. then Tripadvisor Rankings is what I mean by the Gross Benefits Of A Small Business Posting Images On Social Media

By engaging more on a face 2 face level in the business with customers to photograph them they were A) More likely to like the Facebook Page / Follow Us On Twitter to see the said photos which B) Allowed us to continue that conversation online with them

The gross result of that is the conversation could leave to a friendly request of a Tripadvisor Review

With 21% of the total Tripadvisor Reviews coming within the past 2 weeks this has led to a massive leap in Tripadvisor Rankings which took us 89 places higher in the whole of Manchester City Centre

The benefits of each new Tripadvisor review will come into place in the coming weeks when the business rises further into the Top 50 Places to eat in Manchester

NOTE: I do believe this would have been significantly higher, if changes in the New Facebook Pages layout hadn’t hidden numerous positive comments due to a bug
I’m trying my hardest not to get TOO touchy feely here or to over-egg the Psycho-Babble like some can


When we put one member of staff in the role of Social Media Photographer, they really took to the role

It seems a small thing, but when you have a happy workforce who then raise up the happyness stakes even more through enhanced customer service with their customers it really helps

Even though one person is the dedicated Social Media photographer we involve the whole team in photos and introduce new members to the online audience

Do you know how wanted you feel when you go into a restaurant and somebody asks you to take a photo?

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ABOUT THIS MUCH – LIKE BIG ARMS AROUND YOU >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

9 out of 10 customers who are asked are so happy to be asked to be photographed and they spread the word to their friends

You can’t buy word of mouth marketing, but you can make customers feel so so happy when they leave a restaurant that it happens so fast


So to recap

  1. More People See and Engage with updates including photos
  2. Positive Reviews increase on review websites
  3. Staff are happier
  4. Customers leave super super happy and increase word of mouth

If you’re struggling to take photos come and have a word with us about Social Media Photography

Or maybe you just want some training on Social Media in general

Any questions email or call Alex on 07806774279

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