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“Independents’ Day is a national campaign aiming to promote and celebrate independent businesses, raise awareness of the contribution they make to their local area and give them a voice”

This is the aim of Independents Day in nutshell

The problem is that is not what I saw happen in 2013 and from local press it’s not what I’m going to see happen in 2014

If I were to write the truthful slogan for Independents Day as it actually happens in reality it would be

“Independents Day is a national campaign where local authorities tell all independents to discount heavily for one day and local newspapers charge you advertising space to discount heavily”

  • So so sorry – but isn’t the old cliché true of …. competing on price is simply a race to the bottom
  • So so sorry – but a recent survey of hospitality businesses revealed only 16% believed vouchers (aka discounts) are important for generating business in 2014 and the wise ones are keen to avoid the voucher / discount trap (Source: )
  • So so sorry – but isn’t discounting just overdone and your customers are more intelligent than you think


Here are 5 things you could do instead of discounting on Independents Day

  1. Introduce a Premium Product For Just One Day i.e one that people will pay extra £££s for instead of less £££s
  2. Run an instore event that draws people in
  3. Offer a Limited Time Special Product / Service – Available for just one day
  4. Create A Partnership with a complimentary local businesses that encourages people to visit both businesses
  5. Run a competition that involves your customers creatively

Please do something great that gets people talking and buying rather than thinking a 10% discount will make the thousands cancel their plans, pay parking and rush to your store to save 50p

Honestly – your business is better than discounting – and you know it!

*** If you want to speak to a marketing company that doesn’t just suggest discounting as a quick fix – email ***

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