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Twitter just released it’s Top Trending subjects of 2014 so what better time than to look hyper-local at the Altrincham stories that got people facebook sharing and tweeting about

Altrincham has gone through a lot of changes in the past 12 months with the mantra from the local Authority being The Market, The New Hospital and the Interchange

Interestingly it’s not these stories that are the most shareable socially from Traditional Media – none of the above actually make the Top 5 Stories About Altrincham

The top shared stories are those that shock people, that bait people into clicking and those that cause debate

We measured the scale of the Altrincham stories on how many times they’d been shared socially rather than the conversations that take place daily on the #altrincham hashtag

Facebook shares of the Number 1 Story About Altrincham are actually shared 35 times more on facebook than they are via Twitter Shares. This could account for the fact that people on facebook are more ready to share whereas on twitter

people will talk about the stories in real time, but not neccessarilly share the stories from Traditional media.

Whilst Google+ is rarely used by people to share these local stories

The Top 2 Stories About Altrincham we ran by National Newspapers whilst the Manchester Evening News ran the other 3 stories – interesting none of the top 5 Stories shared in Altrincham were by the Sale & Altrincham Messenger


5. Guilty, Sainsbury’s manager who pocketed charity cash

684 Total Shares – 639 Facebook Shares – 45 Twitter Shares

If people didn’t know Alison Potts at the start of 2014 they certainly did by the end of 2014.

This story was the story of “A supermarket boss who pocketed cash she claimed she was donating to a wounded soldier and racked up more than £6,000 in mysterious ‘customer refunds’ has been found guilty of fraud”


4. Girl, 12, threatened with knife by masked man

1138 Total Shares – 1116 Facebook Shares – 22 Twitter Shares

This was a story that if we’re honest passed us by despite being just around the corner from the Altrincham HQ offices – the lack of twitter shares may account for the fact it wasn’t on our radar

A masked man grabbed a 12-year-old girl in her bedroom and threatened her with a knife.

The youngster was home alone on Ellesmere Road in Altrincham when a gang stormed the property.


3. Police quiz pupil who threw a custard pie at his teacher

1505 Total Shares – 1340 Facebook Shares – 165 Twitter Shares

Was it a joke? Was it Assault? The Debate raged on across Twitter and Facebook for days

Jacob Dowdle, 18, was celebrating his last day of lessons at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys on Friday May 16, when he decided to play the ‘prank’ involving a paper plate and whipped cream


2. Altrincham: the highest house prices outside the south-east

1548 Total Shares – 1391 Facebook Shares – 95 Twitter Shares

Affordable house prices has been on the national radar and Altrincham having the highest prices outside the South East put this on the spotlight

What makes the leafy Greater Manchester suburb such a popular location? Posh shops, nice houses, good schools … and the F-Factor
1. The schoolboy boozer: Sixth formers mark the start of A-Level study leave with a pint down the local pub

3690 Total Shares – 3585 Facebook Shares – 103 Twitter Shares

So an Altrincham Tradition for many many years – over 18s drinking in the pub to celebrate the last day of 6th Form became the biggest Altrincham Story of 2014


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