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In our latest blog we look at The 5 biggest Business myths for Christmas.

Ideas and thoughts that have some how got a hold in the minds of businesses across the nation and are just plain wrong.

Which of the Business Myths for Christmas have you heard before?

We don’t need to market – it’s Christmas, so we’ll automatically be

Never assume in business.

I’ve ran a social media marketing business for 13 years and we’ve had 1 recession, 1 pandemic and are just in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis.

Tell me a business that assumes they’ll be busy and I’ll show you a business that is 40/50/60% capacity rather than 80-100% capacity.

I was out just a couple of days before writing this blog and there was a stark contrast between businesses with great marketing and businesses that did none or poor marketing.

We dined in a restaurant that was at best 50% capacity and a bar that the only people in there was my group of 6.

I’ve walked past shops this lunchtime that had NO customers in.

You always need to market whether you’re busy or quiet.

I’m still marketing this week and I have 8 social media training sessions in 5 days, plus we’ve taken on 3 social media management clients in the last 2 weeks.

Never get complacent.

December is the most important month for B2C

“This can’t be a myth, Alex”

I can hear that from every single business reading this post right now.

December might be the month that the cash tills register, but it’s actually the 11 months of hard work that have built up to December.

When businesses come to us for Christmas Marketing they often sit with us in June or July and tell us how they need to increase their visibility over the next 6 months as they don’t want it to be their last Christmas.

Customers who book restaurants, drink in bars, buy gifts in December are often the customers you’ve won over the past 12 months or longer.

You want familiarity and confidence when spending money at Christmas.

Christmas is just one talking part of 12 months of talking points.

B2B businesses don’t buy in December

I’ve made 6 high ticket sales in 5 days of December.

And I’ll continue to makes sales up to the 20th / 21st December this year.

Although I don’t reply immediately then, we’ve even had B2B business enquiries on Christmas EVe and Boxing Day.

The same people who say B2B businesses don’t buy in December are the same people who make excuses for January, March and August as well.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.

We’ve published a blog on 12 Thoughts To Make December Your Best Month, but here are 3 key takeaways from it:

If you treat December as a lazy month – be prepared for a quiet January, February and March.

There’s always an excuse for a quiet month – Christmas just happens to be the excuse for December.

December is 8.3% of your year – imagine looking back at your life at 70 wishing you could have that 8.3% back.

You shouldn’t post new content in December

Sorry – I didn’t realise the newspapers stopped printing on the 30th November for a month.

In an ideal world you’ll have a steady stream of evergreen content for every month of the year.

One of our best performing pieces of content every year is “December Motivation – 12 Thoughts To Make December Your Best Month”.

It starts to pick up readers from the middle of November and continues to be read until around Christmas.

We’ve also got another 3 evergreen Christmas related blogs.

This blog is our 5th.

Content Marketing is not something you stop and start doing. It’s for life.

Shopping Online Is Bad

You use your phone and laptop for every aspect of your business and life.

Why when local people do it – is that seen as a bad thing?

The one thing people assume about shopping online is that it’s huge businesses.

A lot of indie businesses are online and they’re just as valid as a small indie high street retailer.

If you’re not offering an option for your customers to buy online, then the problem is with your business, not a problem with your customers.

Start to embrace the modern age and stop trying to make potential customers feel guilty for buying online.

Are there any more Business Myths For Christmas that we’ve missed out?


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