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Should I Leave Twitter Right Now?

I’ve been asked this question a lot recently

“I just wanted to ask what your opinion on the Twitter situation.

I’ve been speaking to and **** colleagues who don’t feel Twitter is going to be a safe place and have deleted their accounts.

What’s your take on this?”

A lot of the decisions seem to be emotional right now and when it comes to business, we often need to take emotion out of the equation.

Below we will touch on the emotional gut reactions, look at the facts and consider both options.

The Case To Leave Twitter Right Now

I’m going to go hardcore here.

People’s reasons for leaving Twitter right not are emotional and is based on opinion or media stories rather than fact.

It often starts like this.

Twitter is a hell hole and it’s always been that way since about 2013.

Remember that euphoric high of London 2012 Olympics.

That was the last great moment of Twitter and that was a decade ago now.

If you’re looking for hell you can find it on Twitter and it’s been Br*xit, Donald Trump, The Pandemic and today’s angry talking points.

If you think it’s been bad so far, then Elon Musk’s Twitter looks set to be even worse.

The gloves are off and everything is up for discussion; tribes will form; doom scrolling will happen; depression will set in.

OK – that’s the case for individuals leaving. What about businesses?

As with every platform, it’s a question of is Twitter working for your business

Does Twitter drive actual results in terms of Visibility, Engagement and Sales?

We have many clients that are still driving business through Twitter and have an audience there that aren’t on other platforms.

The Case For Sticking With Twitter Right Now

Reports suggest that there are an extra 15 million daily active users since Elon took over.

In the UK about 1 in 4 people use Twitter and it’s hugely influential and much-loved platform for journalists.

So stick with it, if it’s working for your business or organisation.

Imagine walking away from something that is working for your business.

I feel it’s premature to leave right now.

Elon has a reputation, but he also has to run a company, attract advertisers and follow the law.

It may seem like chaos at the moment with thousands of staff at Twitter either being fired or quitting, but look at Elon’s history. Nearly every industry he’s moved into has been a success.

Twitter’s biggest problem has always been that not enough people or businesses see it’s potential and those extra 15 million daily active users are strong signs. Elon has made no secret of that fact he wants Twitter to be a lot bigger, so imagine the business potential if Twitter had as many users as LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok. Stranger things have happened.

And do remember that if there is any extra hate it will be at a political level (which has always happened on Twitter) rather than at a small organisation or business level. You can mute words and phrases on Twitter – so bye bye recession / Trmp / Eln / C*vid etc

Stick with it. (but safeguard yourself by letting people know where else they can follow and connect with you online)


If you leave Twitter or stick with Twitter make it based on sound business decisions.

We have one client that has won 5 figures of business on Twitter in the last 3 months. Their posts might not get the same level of likes or comments as Facebook and Instagram, but it’s working for business.

We have another client who keeps relationships warm with Twitter as 50% of their clients don’t proactively browse Facebook and Instagram. It’s also a great source for recruiment.

We have clients who could repurpose their Instagram and LinkedIn content to Twitter and win more business in the process.

And for us there are so many reasons.

It’s where we often source the news for many of our clients.

It’s where we fundraise for charities

It’s where we add extra touch points with our potential clients

It’s where we communicate local news stories

Do a social media audit and look if Twitter is driving Visibility, Engagement and Sales.

There are some hardcore users of Twitter that will buy from you on the basis they don’t see your competition there.

Never put all your eggs in one basket – but look at how Twitter can be part of that marketing mix.

Will you leave Twitter or stick with Twitter/


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