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Altrincham Vs Cancer - Group Photo - Photo by Graham Douglas (Greydog Photo)

Altrincham Vs Cancer – Group Photo – Photo by Graham Douglas (Greydog Photo)

A few months ago I was reading an article on Social Bro about how Social Media will develop and job titles that will exist in the next 10 years

Up Popped ………. Social Media Personal Trainer

I work on Social Media marketing with a large website design company here in Manchester that work with Fitness Businesses Internationally and I also work with a international healthy fast casual brand that recently launched in the UK after 430+ outlets worldwide

Apart from the 1.5 stone I need to lose I’m definitely part of the online #fitfam

But if you’re a cynic who thinks the idea of Social Media Personal Trainer is just marketing speak, it has no value above making a nice slogan in a blog and pricking up people ears – please read on for my exercise / social media experience!

Photo by Graham Douglas

Photo by Graham Douglas

About 6 weeks ago I joined Pure Gym after over 12 months break from the gym circuit – during the 12 months break I had exercised fairly frequently on an exercise bike at home, but I didn’t really have the variety of the gym circuit

What changed with Pure Gym was the price or barrier to entry was lowered in the area. £10.99 isn’t a massive hole in my pocket and I could justify the expense each month for what I put in

I enjoy it. I stick to what I know, which is mainly Cardio, and I probably only use 15% of what is available at the gym.

In truth my fitness knowledge is fairly limited and I push myself enough to know I’m burning calories, but I really have no idea which machine would burn more calories between the exercise bike, running machine and rowing machine … and hence my results mean my weight is kept at a constant (still good) rather than losing the 1.5 stone I need to lose

I think in many ways this is the same with Social Media – the price of entry initially for Social Media is free and you dabble along, enjoying it – but not really getting the results you want


Pushing Myself Is Not Pretty

Pushing Myself Is Not Pretty


A couple of weeks ago I did push myself at one of the Sunday Morning classes, as one of the tweeters who follows us will testify to, and it pushed me so much I haven’t been back to the class since

I’ve made a few lame excuses since – it was the day after the England Match, I have too much work on – anything to, well avoid taking on that hard task

Deep down I know that if I go back and do and learn I can achieve great things and start getting close to that goal of losing another 1.5 stone

Again I see this all the time with Social Media from small micro business where the mumpreneurs stick to facebook because it’s what they know and the serious B2B businesses are logged 24/7 to LinkedIn but afraid of 140 characters on twitter

And that’s before you even mention Instagram, Blogging, Medium et all

There is definitely a fear of pushing yourself and the a fear of the unknown even though pushing yourself is essential

Boxing at Mega Mela

Boxing at Mega Mela


What I didn’t mention in point 2 was the class I went to was Boxfit class

Now Boxing is something I really want to learn. I’m not entirely sure why – whether it’s an old picture of Morrissey in a boxing ring I remember in my teenage years or just the fact I like the idea of challenging perceptions and most people who know me wouldn’t expect me to want to enter a boxing ring

The thing is – if I push myself on point 2 and attend the Boxfit classes each week then at some point in the future maybe my fitness will reach such a peak that I approach Timperley ABC for Boxing Lessons

Last week I was at the Manchester Mela and sparred with Blackburn and Darwen Boxing Club and between energy levels and agility on my feet there’s a long way to go

Social Media often is the gateway to doing those things you like – whether it be launching a new product, spending more time getting to know your customers (albeit online) and expanding your pushing

Whether it’s fitness or business – It’s important look at the end goal!!!

Post Workout Selfie at Pitta Crepe

Post Workout Selfie at Pitta Crepe

Right now my 2 main priorities are building up Altrincham HQ as a business and making the most of weekends with friends (seriously – the 2nd one is important – I spent 14 years in events and journalism so didn’t get local weekends for a long time)

After that reading is probably next and exercise comes in at 4th

When Altrincham HQ gets to where I want it to be then exercise will shift up the list of priorities even though I know I should take it more seriously right now

Exercise is 4th simply out of habit and I think for many small business who have developed habits this new (NEWS: it’s not really new anymore) thing called Social Media isn’t on their habitual daily routine

Marketing like its 2014 (or marketing where it’s going to be in 2015) should be high up the priority list for any serious small business

Boxing at Mega Mela

Boxing at Mega Mela

It all boils down to that one line – I could Achieve Much Better Results Faster With A Personal Trainer!

It’s simple. It’s Easy. I Know It – and the people I see with the personal trainers at the gym appear to be testament to that. They certainly won’t be writing blog saying they need to lose 1.5 stone

They want it much more than me when it comes to fitness levels

When it comes to social media – it’s simple – you could Achieve Much Better Results Faster With A Social Media Personal Trainer!

It’s worth thinking about!!!

Hire Us As YOUR Social Media Personal Trainer – We tailor Our 121 Sessions for your business and whether it’s a half day session to get your strategy in plan or a 1-2 hours a month for a year. Everything is possible

Choose Whether You Want It Enough

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