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Market Your Business In The Year 2014
Often we are asked what we do – we say Social Media Training covering Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Blogging

In reality what we actually do is – help businesses market in the year 2014 and the year their customer are living in

You might think it is sensible to market in the year you’re doing business in and focus your attention on where your customer eyes are, but a shocking number of small businesses are spending large amounts of money on traditional advertising and ignoring the year they exist in

What we found looking through the latest edition of the Sale & Altrincham Messenger (dated June 26th 2014) was

  • 143 local businesses had advertised in that weeks edition – this compromised 57 larger adverts in the main section of the paper and 86 adverts in the classified section (Note: We omitted text only adverts in the classifieds section)
  • Only 77 included a website address – that’s just 53.8% of businesses paying for advertising!!
  • Only 10 advertisers mentioned they used social media in the adverts (6.9%) – this was mainly by the use of Facebook / Twitter Icons
  • Only 6 advertisers spelt out their social media profile addresses in the adverts (4.1%) – to us if you don’t spell it out it’s the same as putting a picture of a telephone without including a number

So in 2014 a very large percentage of the small businesses are still paying for local newspaper advert either

  1. Don’t have a website or don’t consider a website to be important enough to market
  2. Don’t use social media or feel Social Media addresses are important enough to include on printed media

Please Please Please Market in The Year You Are Doing Business in and realise the year is 2014 – not 2004

If you’re one of the businesses above or know a close friend who falls into the categories about please take note of these stats below

Twitter Stat

* 82% are likely to recommend an SME they follow to friends
* 72% of followers are likely to make a purchase after following a company

Full infographic here

* B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t

Facebook Stats

23% of Facebook users check their account more than five times per day

Think Social Media is just for large businesses with deep pockets

Look at these local businesses making Social Media work for them in Altrincham and surrounding areas

Newspaper Stats

Let Altrincham HQ help you market in the year you’re doing business in

We help businesses with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Blogging for Business

Contact us on or call Alex on 07806774279

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