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If you make 1% progress each week it’s still progress.

I’m often very honest about how fitness and health accounts inspire me on social media as much as fellow marketers.

And once in a while I’ll see a post where I literally comment “I’m going to do the marketing version of this”

I was scrolling through Instagram earlier this week when I saw a post from @kbfitnessstudio which was basically everything I’d said to businesses for 14 years about marketing, in fitness form.

So here is our latest blog – Things That Will Halt Progress with your Social Media Marketing.


Did you know that January 13th is known as International Quitter’s Day.

It’s the date when most people give up their New Years Resolutions.

Just 13 days.

With social media it’s so easy to feel overwhelm and before you know it you’ve dropped from posting several times a week to once a week. Then you take a break for holiday and you just never come back again.

Most people give up on social media just as it’s starting to show signs that it’s working.


Don’t confuse consistency with daily.

I work in social media so it’s my job to turn up daily on social media on a number of different platforms, but it’s worth remembering it’s my job and as a marketer my brain is churning out ideas 24/7.

Consistency for you might mean posting on social media 4x per week because you know that is manageable now and it will be manageable in a years’ time.

When it comes to exercise, I generally do 2 days on and 1 rest day – a similar approach might work for you re: Social Media posting, but remember to dip and check any important messages or replies


Social Media Success won’t happen overnight and it is a lifelong mission.

And I want to tell you a story to show you the reality.

In 1999 before content marketing was a buzz word, I set up one of Manchester’s very 1st music websites.

I was passionate music fan with a flair for writing.

1st blog – 17 readers
3 months – 10,000 readers
Most read blog – 580,000 people

My very 1st blog was only read by 17 people. I could have given up, but within 3 months I had 10,000 readers a week and my most read blog on that website went on to be read by over 500,000 people.

Off the back of that I launched a journalism career.

My best advice for anyone on social media is to post about what you love and be patient.

Great things will happen – but don’t expect it overnight.


Approach social media with a positive mindset and great things will happen.

I can guarantee is you approach social media with the following thoughts and mindset you will not win on social media

“It’s just people posting their breakfast”
“It’s a place for customer service complaints and little else”
“It’s only Elon Musk and political ranters”
“It’s just people blowing smoke up each other’s a*se


“Nobody cares what I’ve got to say”
“My industry doesn’t work well on social media”
“I’ve tried it before once and I got nothing from it”
“Social Media doesn’t work for business”

Social Media is 95% positive and approach it that way

I’ve worked with the BBC, Manchester City, Costa Coffee, The Christie, Manchester Arndale, Selfridges, NHS, University Of Manchester & many more because of LinkedIn

And nearly every small business has approached me because of my presence on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter / X.


I want you to think what extreme social media is

Are you checking social media when you should be spending quality time with your children?
Does your partner complain you’re always looking at your phone?
Do you struggle to read a book for 30 minutes?
Do you stop your work every time a notification comes on your phone?

Social Media is designed to be addictive and to a certain extent we’re all addicted to social media.

Listen to those around you and you’re showing signs of the above look at restricting your time on social media to certain times of day or even outsourcing your social media management to a company like Altrincham HQ.

Family and work / life balance is one of the key reasons clients actually outsource to us.


Every business is different.

One of the 1st questions we ask in a training session is how much spare time have you got for social media marketing.

The reason we ask this is we want to be able to work out something sustainable time wise.

We also do a SWOT analysis to work out the persons strengths and weaknesses so we can either highlight areas to improve or areas to outsources.

There are areas such as content production that can outsourced so you can work on the day-to-day social media management and engagement.

Don’t just so the same thing on social media that your friend at a networking group is doing – your business is different.

If you’d like to find out more about Social Media for Bookkeepers or simply chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

Remember we can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

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