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New Altrincham HQ Website!

By October 11, 2011June 23rd, 2022No Comments

Welcome to our new Altrincham HQ website – it’s been a long time coming!!!

In fact 12 long months without a website, so let’s explain why we’ve been without a website for so long…

Prior to Altrincham HQ I have used Social Media for over 6 years in other businesses and i’ve also used online marketing for over 12 years

When I set up Altrincham HQ the ethos was simple – get Altrincham fully engaged with Social Media like what I see and work with on a daily basis in areas such as Manchester’s Northern Quarter or Chorlton

Why didn’t I just set up a website from day one? Well, that would have been too easy to just direct people towards a website talking about what I do, rather than direct people towards a twitter profile or facebook page and show people what I do.

Here we are – lots of happy clients later as you can see from the testimonials section – a brand new spanking website courtesy of Artefix Design.

So this is my truth, tell me yours – get in touch

Alex @ Altrincham HQ

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