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Marketing Invisible Home Based Businesses
Everywhere around you can witness regeneration

In our own town we’ve had a new transport interchange, the market has been changed into an uber-hipster dining hall, we have a new hospital and a shared space redesign of our town centre is in full swing. The Old Post Office which has been boarded up since 2006 is soon to open as The Old Post House – a vintage team room and emporium

All of these are visible. All of these are sexy stories for the media. All of them are shareable on Social Media

So what happens if you believe you’re none of the above. Is Social Media workable for you?

Of course it is – Social Media works for all types of businesses because ultimately you’re dealing human to human

If you’re a home based business, a spare room office based business or even a tradesman (who is visiting people’s homes when the vast majority of neighbours are away at work) it’s even more important you should be using Social Media on a daily basis

Think about how you discovered this blog – you’re probably here because of Social Media

In the past week I’ve met a Lettings Agent, Estate Agent, Accountant and Recruitment Company that are all home based businesses and 3 out of the 4 followed us on twitter 1st before meeting us in person

With the right strategy and action behind it this could just as easily be your business. Many invisible businesses are visible because of Social Media

Without Social Media we’d be just as invisible as your business. We’d be sat there waiting for the phone calls. We’d be wondering how everyone else is busy and we’re not. We would be the invisible business that the public don’t see, the press don’t write about and that the council don’t care about regenerating
So ask yourself

  • Are your customers online?
  • Do they pick up their smartphone 150 times a day? (yes, this is how much people do in the UK)
  • What can you do to help these people?
  • How can you provide value to them?

Invisible, Silent, Unseen are not good words to associate with your business

Visible and Valuable are

Remember “Social Media Doesn’t Work For Type Of My Business” are 7 words that are a barrier to your businesses Success


At Altrincham HQ we specialise in growing businesses via effective Social Media Marketing

100s of successful businesses have chosen Altrincham HQ to help build their brand

If you want a chat call Alex on 07806774279 or email

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