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How To Make Social Media Work In HR

Kieron Hill’s goal in life is to collaborate with organisations so that the directors and owners can concentrate on what they enjoy doing and don’t get bogged down with staff issues. With 30 years Employment law experience and 15 years as a manager and leader of a national consultancy firm I can help all businesses get more from their workforce.

We 1st met Kieron at a networking event around 10 years ago and since them have gone on to work with KHES 3 or 4 times over the past decade

Without Social Media Kieron acknowledges the business would have no growth and one enquiry that came from social media specifically contributes to 30% of his businesses turnover

Today we caught up with Kieron to talk about HR, Social Media and relationships, values and his authentic voice on Social Media

Q: Do you want to introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you offer at KHES?
We’re an HR and Management consultancy. We provide both all-round support as an outsourced HR department, and work in partnership with internal HR managers to give them the data they need and the management experience, to do their jobs.

Q: I first met you at 4Networking when I 1st started. I remember it took you maybe a year or so to book your 1st social media training session with us. Why did you choose us as opposed to all the other “social media trainers” and gurus there were around at the time?
You had experience of the real world and didn’t push social media as the only answer, but a tool to be used for the benefit of the business (coupled with the enthusiasm for the Manchester music scene!)

Q: I know it was a long time ago, but what were your takeaways from that very 1st social media training session?
That I didn’t have to change my “voice” on social media and that sometimes it was good to be controversial.

Q: How do you use social media to promote your business? Is it for direct sales or networking / relationship building?

We do both relationship building and direct sales, plus we use it to support account based marketing

Q: What’s been your biggest social media success over the past 10 years – have you won big name clients / contracts from social media?
We responded to a request for support on LinkedIn which not only resulted in us getting a new client, but also led to us developing a new service which now contributes to over 30% of our current turnover

Q: I know you use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (I don’t think you use Instagram) – how do you use each channel differently and which is the most successful for your business?
We use LinkedIn and Facebook, LI is definitely the most successful for us in gaining business. We use Facebook to build a more human face to our business relationships but we are a bit selective about how we use it as not everyone agrees with my regular rants!

Q: Obvious question – but how do you make HR “sexy” or palatable on Social Media because it can be a dry subject? What type of content particularly works well for you?
We remember employment is a relationship not a legal contract, people are endlessly interested in relationships so a story about someone being kidnapped in Namibia by his new wife’s family is far more interesting than the details of whether they should make him use up his holidays for the absence (true story!) Case studies about what we’ve done for clients. Although I occasionally put is something that I know will irritate the HR mainstream, just because I can’t help myself

Q: Over the years you’ve taken in staff and associates. How do you work on tone of voice between Kieron the individual and KHES?
Up until now I’ve tried to keep the two fairly consistent, although I try to my personal opinions to myself and don’t post them on my facebook company pages or LinkedIn but the personality has to be there or it just looks too corporate. This will change in time as the business grows and I incorporate new people into my social media posts.

Q: I know that in the past 10 years you’ve changed direction and focus in terms of ideal clients a few times. How did social media change with the real world changes?
It’s been key to finding a new level of service which allows us to sell to larger organisations and work in partnership with in house HR teams, which has meant that we have to be less forthright in our views. In short it’s difficult balance between having a clear set of values and not being judgemental about people who don’t agree

Q: What are the biggest struggles you’ve had with social media over the past 10 years?
Maintaining consistency

Q: Over the years we’ve trained yourself and / or your team at least 3 or 4 times now. How important was it for you to get a refresher or social media training update?
As our business changes so our needs on social media change, something you show us may not be relevant the first time but as the business grows it can become vital

Q: If you stopped social media marketing tomorrow – what do you think the impact would be in 12 months time?

No growth and the plan to move to Northern Spain would be put on hold

Q: If you had to pick 3 (non marketing) people to follow on Social Media who would they be and why?
Jacinda Ardern (NZ prime minister, can we have her please!)
My Dad (sadly died before social media became a thing but his stories of coming to the UK as an Irish immigrant still teach me about tolerance and laughter as weapons against prejudice)
Marcus Rashford (never forget where you came from)

Q: Lastly – for anyone reading this who is thinking “I hate Social Media” – what would you say to them to convince them to take it more seriously?
It’s easy to get distracted by the people who use social media to transmit their views and denigrate others. However if you approach it as a conversation it is by far the most effective way we have come across to develop your business.

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