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McHale and Co are one of the biggest law firms in Altrincham and South Manchester. In this insightful interview we look at the businesses use of social media, how they’ve won business within 15 minutes of posts going live and yet don’t do pushy marketing

We look at how being a business at the heart of the community is important to them and also look at the difficulties and benefits of social media and having a team of just under 60 people under the McHale and Co umbrella

Q: McHale and Co are one of the biggest law firms in Altrincham and South Manchester. Do you want to tell our readers a little more detail about the business?
We are an award winning full service law firm who take pride in being client focussed with our can do approach and personal touch. You always know which member of staff is looking after your legal need as opposed to some big law firms who allocate you a team, not a person. We are a local Altrincham firm with local people, 3 of our 4 directors including myself grew up in Altrincham and we know lots of people in the area. Whatever your legal need I can honestly say you will be really looked after by my colleagues. We support many local clubs and teams and are proud to be integrated within the community.

Q: You were a trainee solicitor at another firm in 2012 and then joined McHale and Co in 2015 When you first started out in the law was social media that important for legal businesses and how has it changed for you over the years?
Social media is hugely important for law firms. We want our clients to be kept up to date and engaged with us all year round and the best way in my opinion is through social media. We have many areas of law to promote and hopefully provide insight and advice for people through our posts as well as reassurance from the staff within the firm as we try to make most of put posts personal so people can see the people behind the firm. If a client chooses to use us I like to think that they will know a bit about the people not just the company and that’s why they came to us and social media is a great way to do this.

Q: What I’ve noticed since you became a partner in the firm this year is how much more importance you’ve placed on social media for McHale and Co. What is your vision for the firm’s social media?

My vision is to promote not push our messages and communication, for people to take something from our posts. Whether that be useful information, getting to know about the people within the firm or maybe read about some of the other good stuff we do such as raising money for charities and supporting local teams and clubs. Social media is an extremely useful tool for any law firm if it is used right.

Q: I know you’re very results driven. Social Media actually drives business for you. You’ve had very tangible results where you’ve posted on social media and on the same day work has come in from that post. Do you want to talk us through a few examples like that?
Yes absolutely I can give a few direct examples. I have shared posts about our award winning conveyancing department and a friend contacted me within 15 minutes of me posting saying that he was in the process buying his first home and wanted a bit of advice, I followed it up and as soon as he had an offer accepted he became a friend as well as a client.

Another example is me talking about our great wills department and my genuine belief that you need to consider getting your affairs order. This has really come to the forefront of my mind since having a baby and sometimes it takes a life event to get real perspective on things. Anyway I talked in a post about our team and one of my best friends had exactly the same thinking, he wanted to specify who would take care of his children if he and his wife died together. Sad thinking but even more sad if he hadn’t have called to get this actioned after seeing my post and had actually died before making a will.

Other examples include us sponsoring my brothers school football team and them sharing a post about our personal injury team and a former student of the school then contacting us for help.

Q: I checked the McHale and Co company page on LinkedIn Page and you have 30+ staff at the firm. What are the challenges with getting staff motivated to take social media seriously?
We have just under 60 team members at McHale and Co and I like to encourage people to use social media where they feel comfortable doing so and this involves finding the right platform for them. Different generations react to different platforms. I see this with my own family and friends and social media is about being comfortable and enjoy reading and exploring and engaging, if pictures aren’t for you use Twitter not Insta. I like all 3 of the main platforms but I would welcome insight into TikTok for example and I am willing to give it a go which is what life is about, being open minded. If a team member doesn’t want to promote them or the firm on social media, no problem its not for them, they have other qualities which is why we value them as team members.

Q: And on the flipside of that – what are the benefits of having all staff involved in social media?
The benefits of having more people involved are that you can get more exposure through a wider reach.

Q: Recently you’ve become very people 1st. The people behind the business, the town you live and work in. Should more professional services firms be people 1st?

Yes 100% – people need to know you and what you are about including your values and interests where possible that way its easier to find common ground, have free flowing chat and gain trust quicker. Our team members and clients come first, its not one or the other and if your values are right these always synergise.

Q: I know there are McHale partner firms all across Manchester and Cheshire, but do you think being based in a very active Social Media town like Altrincham is an advantage to your marketing? And if you’re based in a town that isn’t as active on social media what would you do?
Altrincham companies tend to support each other and an easy way to do that is through social. Snapping pics and leaving reviews for local businesses is a huge help and with so many supporting each other its amazing how a community can build through online interaction. I go to places to eat as I like their social media accounts and I like to think people would give us a try if they need a solicitors because they like our social media and get to see the team members through the various accounts.

If a town isn’t active, get it active through speaking to other businesses as you can all help each other.

Q: Social Proof aka Reviews. How important are reviews to your social media marketing?
Very – they add so much credibility and who doesn’t want a pat on the back?

Q: The platforms I see you active on are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Any reason for not being as active on LinkedIn?

This is something that will change, watch this space !

Q: We’ve trained a number of McHale and Co staff over the years and I know you take note of what we post on our blogs. What’s been your biggest takeaway from us over the years?
For my personally your importance on promoting the people behind the business. You have always banged that drum and its one that I truly believe in thanks to your passion about delivering this message. Also your advice to use differently platforms differently and also to seek reviews where possible to reinforce we are real people working with real clients who really do rate us! People know you and trust you and I have and do recommend you for your expertise and personal approach. Be you and be informative , that’s a message I think you give well.


Q: Last word – for anyone who’s reading this interview and isn’t as active on social media as they should be. What would you tell them?
Find a platform you enjoy and just go with it. It can be a great place for information, light heartedness and connecting with people. However use it on your terms and have breaks from it, don’t let it consume you.

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