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Imagine for a second a distraction free world

In 2020 it wasn’t just notifications, emails and phone calls

Just sit for a moment and think how nice it would be. To get up in the morning and work with purpose, get results for your business and not be distracted by Covid changes for a while

It sounds like absolute bliss

Today’s blog is about How To Limit Your Sales & Marketing Distractions In The New Year, because the New Year is an easy time for you to chase 20 different goals and not really move forward

Hopefully this short list is a sense check for you

1. You Don’t Have To Chase The Shiny New Thing
For 80-90% of businesses out there Clubhouse and TikTok are going to be huge distractions for you

Don’t get me wrong – I love how Clubhouse focus on the intimacy of voice and I love the TikTok algorithm surfacing fresh content – but they’re not going to add massive value to your business. And they’re going to take valuable time away from the platforms and marketing methods that are already working for you

Let the marketers like myself spend time on them, play around with them, work out the strategies for them and see if they have value for a business like yours

90% of your time should be spent on what works and 10% of your time experimenting with new ideas and new platforms

Sure – if you suffer FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) look at TikTok and Clubhouse to get a feel for them, but take that time out from watching one less Netflix show a week rather than from your businesses marketing time

2. Choose 2 Marketing Channels That Really Work
Deep down you know what is working for you in terms of marketing

If nothing is working for you at the moment, then you have a gut feeling an instinct about what could be working for you if you spent more time / effort on them

For myself I can name my top 3 as LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging … and then Instagram and Facebook in 4th and 5th positions

I spend my time accordingly, with the priority focus on the top 2 channels that work

Don’t be a busy fool and say this is the year you will master 5 different routes to market, because you simply won’t

Be laser focused and focus on what works

3. Act, Don’t Read (Caveat: If you’re already well read)

Go and take a look at your bookshelf

If you have 15-20 business books on the shelves and you’ve read them cover to cover, you’re more well read than the average business owner

What you need to do right now is act on the knowledge you’ve consumed over the years

Go and do something proactive that will help your business

You don’t need a list of 20 more business books to read in 2021

Business Book Junkies are the same as Self Help Book Junkies – they read and read for fear of acting

From this point on make sure you read and act with purpose – making sure you take time to reflect on what you’ve read and how it can be implemented into your business in a meaningful way (rather than a scattergun approach)

4. Audit Your Networking Groups
Business Networking either costs you time and money

Or it saves you time and makes you money

Is “they’re a nice bunch of people” the reason for you to stay in your networking group if it’s not winning you business? (Surely – if they’re a nice bunch of people they’ll stay in touch if you left the group)

This year might be the year you choose to leave your networking group and focus on
– 121’s / collaborations with the people you already know
– Social Media
– Other Marketing

Do an audit over the past 12 months and worth out £££s driven per hour invested?

If it’s a weekly meeting you could be giving yourself back 104 hours per year + “Homework” time

5. Go Ask For The Sale
The quickest way to make a sale?

Ask for the sale from people who’ve already expressed an interest

I suspect there’s so much cash you’ve left on the table from people who have messaged you casually or mentioned in passing conversation that they must book on to XYZ

Seriously – go ask these people

I want everyone that reads this and acts on this point to email me the moment they get a sale –

I know 100% it will work for so many businesses

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

We offer Social Media Training on
* LinkedIn
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* Blogging

We can do this
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