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How to engage with purpose on Social Media

When you engage with purpose great things happen

It doesn’t happen overnight, but done consistently it brings results

More profile views, more connections / followers, more engagement on your posts, more website clicks, more sales

I’m the guy who spends his life on social media (it is my job) and off the back of that I win more and more business

I’m an introvert, but love chatting to people on social media

Isn’t it funny how the very act of caring about others brings more results than just turning up on social media, broadcasting and then leaving

Who’d have thought that caring is a winning strategy?

In this weeks blog we look at the subject of How to engage with purpose on Social Media

1. Have a list of non-negotiables
I want you to think about who are your non-negotiables in terms of engagement

It probably looks a little like this

Networking Group

You probably already know most of the people that are going to become clients and help your business grow

Those are the magic 3 that you should be backing every chance you get

The non-negotiables who you regularly engage with

Clients and Suppliers are people that have either invested time and money in helping your business a success, so why wouldn’t you have their back

And when it comes to networking why would you pay to be part of a group, nod and smile whilst others are in the room / zoom and then completely ignore them on social media until the next meeting

There are people who do that and it just doesn’t make sense

2. Have a dream list of ideal clients
I’m not ego driven, but like every single person on planet earth I have an ego

When I see another social media company post on Social Media “Just been doing a full days social media training with super-duper-all-singing-all-dancing-massively-successful-company” my first reaction is why the hell didn’t they choose me?

My 2nd reaction about 10 seconds later is “Well we’re not connected, I’ve never chatted to them … so why the hell would they choose me?”

Ego and reality in 10 seconds

There are two things to do now
1. Either make sure your offline list / CRM list is linked with who you engage with on social media
2. Write a list down of 25-50 people who are your ideal clients that you need to be engaging with on social media on a weekly basis

Social Media allows you to connect with anyone in the world and people do business with people they know and are at the front of their mind

Be that person that’s omnipresent (in a good way)

3. Dedicate Time Specifically For Engagement
Engagement takes time on social media

That’s why the average person just doesn’t do it

You need to dedicate at least 15-20 minutes a day purely for engagement, but realistically we’re looking at 30-40 minutes a day

Time block your day and when doing it truly concentrate on the act of engagement without the distractions of email or phone calls or your family shouting at you whilst you work at home

Find a quiet space

Set the phone time to 15 minutes and engage with others on the feed

On some platforms there’s always been talk that doing this engagement immediately before you post helps the reach, engagement and performance of your next post – but of course this has never been confirmed by the platforms themselves

4. Remember – the golden rule for engagement
The golden rule for engagement is very simple

And is the same across all the platforms

– Comments mean more than likes

Likes are considered low touch engagement and whilst they’re better than not engaging at all, you need to aim for comments

Comments help build those relationships with your network

They show you’ve been truly listening to what the persons said

And they are a chance for you to add value

Your comments won’t just get seen by the person your commenting on, but a wider network as well

5. Make It Meaningful
Remember this is engagement with a reason and a purpose

You are not turning up on social media to endlessly comment

“It’s always been a barm”

“Cream first and then jam”

“An alley where we come from”

You know what I’m referring to, because if you have a brain cell you cringe every time you see these engagement posts

When you engage make sure it’s adding to the conversation, you’re adding value (education, insight or entertainment) and it’s making someone feel good or do something better in the future

When you turn up with a good heart and head full of knowledge you generally win

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