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LinkedIn Company Pages – are they really set to grow in 2020 as LinkedIn are pushing them? Or are they set to always be LinkedIn Personal Profiles less successful sibling?

It’s 50/50 at the moment as it could go either way

The thing is

Great content is great content

Of course people should connect with people and engage on personal profiles on LinkedIn – people buy from people after all

But you can have
– Poor content from personal profiles
– Great content from personal profiles
– Poor content from company pages
– Great content from company pages

So whilst some people on LinkedIn are taking a hard-line on rejecting LinkedIn Company Page invites, I have zero problem in being invited to a company page if the content is great and not a duplicate of a personal profile

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Company Pages

1. Post Regularly
You can’t expect anything good to happen if you don’t do it regularly

If the last update on your LinkedIn Company pages was 2 or 3 months ago why would you expect results from it

You might not be able to commit to producing great content on your company page every single day, but aim for at least once a week

LinkedIn themselves state that Companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content

2. Feature Staff / Customers
Your company page shouldn’t just be a series of Links that drive people to your website / blogs / press articles

Just as your personal profile features yourself and your opinions, your company page should have a human touch

It might be a regular meet the team feature, a look at what CSR activities your doing or a celebration of the clients your working with

Featuring staff gives potential employees and graduates a look into what it’s like to work for the company

3. Invite People To Like Your Company Page
Let me tell you why I’m happy inviting personal connections to my company page

I 100% know that everyone accepts is going to get value from following our page and it will add to their LinkedIn experience

I’m never going to feel guilty about helping people

The reason I know it will add value to the LinkedIn experience is I know it’s something people don’t see on my personal profile

4. Implement An Employee Advocacy Scheme
An employee advocacy scheme is more than a hastily written email stating “Can you share stuff from our company page”

It goes far deeper than that and so much more than we can go into here in this article

But if the whole company is active on LinkedIn and posting genuinely interesting posts on their personal profile about the work they do in the company then naturally the companies’ followers will grow

The challenge then of course is making the company page updates as interesting and exciting as the personal profiles

5. Check Analytics And Growth
Unless your manually tracking your stats or using something like Shield then LinkedIn personal profiles don’t have great analytics options apart from Profile Views and Posts Views

LinkedIn Company Pages have pretty robust analytics on Visitors, Followers and Updates

If you can measure it, you can improve it

Check your LinkedIn Company Page analytics as you could any other social media channel


1. Post The Same Updates As Your Personal Profile

Seriously – don’t do this

If people are connected on your personal profile and you’ve invited them to your company page – seriously do they want to see the same updates twice

You need content strategy for your personal profile and a separate one for your company page

It’s double the work, but double the content means double the results if executed well

2. Just Link To Blog Posts

Come on – you can do better than this

LinkedIn Company Pages shouldn’t just be links to blog posts, press releases and news updates

Your audience deserve better than this

Of course links are part of this, but they are not the only thing to post

3. Hope It Will Grow On It’s Own

You: “My LinkedIn Company Page just doesn’t work”

Me: “Ok, so when was the last time you posted”

You: “I don’t think I’ve ever posted on there since we set it up”

Me: “Well that’s why it’s not working then”

4. Disregard Small Wins
At the moment you’re probably getting zero results from your page as you’re not using it

Let’s just say you get
* 3 web clicks a day
* 100 impressions a day
* 1 new client a month

It doesn’t seem much in comparison to metrics on other social media platforms, but over a year that;s
* 1095 web clicks a year
* 365,000 impressions a year
* 12 new clients a year

Is that not worth it?

Celebrate those small wins

5. Expect It To Be A Replacement For Personal Profiles

And here’s the huge caveat

If LinkedIn Company Pages grow in 2020 as LinkedIn are pushing them, and I believe them will, I still believe personal profiles will be more important

Make sure you page attention to your LinkedIn profile as I can guarantee 95% of people reading this blog could be getting more from their personal profile


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