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Social Media is an ever evolving beast and from year to year we evolve in the ways we use it

It’s one of the things I love about Social Media – every day is an education and we simply roll with the changes

Here’s How I Changed The Way I Used Social Media In 2019

1. Used My LinkedIn Company Page
OK, it’s not that I never used my LinkedIn Company Page before

I did – it was just always something that was never at the front of my mind and meant that I posted on about once a month when I remembered

For the past 2 months I’ve been really working on my LinkedIn Company Page

And I just hit 1000+ followers over the weekend

It’s been useful to show a different side to myself

– On Alex McCann you get thoughts, discussions and debates

– On Altrincham HQ you get to see the work that we do, the places that we go and the impact that we make

LinkedIn are making a big push with company pages at the moment and it’s a push I’m happy to ride

At times I’ve worried about over-posting on the personal profile as I do a lot and having 2 outlets allows me to share different contents and different narratives

2. Did a lot of Live Video (and then stopped)

Back in February I made a commitment to do Live Instagram Videos every day Monday to Friday

And I did it for around 5 months

During those 5 months I
– Got 100% confident in front of a camera
– Grew my audience
– Grew my relationship with my audience
– Made Sales

So why did I stop?

It was becoming harder and harder to produce quality shows and I wanted to leave on a high

After all 5 months is around 100 videos and whilst I’m an ideas man I don’t think I could have produced another 100

Also – time was becoming an issue

Some of the ideas I used on Instagram Live still remain in other formats such as pre-recorded videos or text based updates on Facebook

Will I go live again in 2020?

Watch this space

3. Blogged More Than Ever Before
I’ve only realised how much I’ve blogged this year when I did a count

At the time of writing this blog will be my 78th blog of 2019

Normally I’ve published 52 blogs – one blog a week – over a year

The launch of a regular column “Social Media Agony Uncle” plus a flurry of ideas from training sessions have inspired endless amounts of content

When you’ve trained 1600+ people in a year and always ask the question what is one takeaway or question from this session you always have something new to write

The question is – how much time do you have to write down all the ideas

4. Used Events To Build Relationships With Social Media Connections

2019 was 10 years of Altrincham HQ and we put on 10 Events To Celebrate

And from the outset we knew that these events would link up what we do on Social Media in the real world

We met people who’d followed us for some time face 2 face

We gained new followers who met us for the 1st at events

And 2 of those events are now firm dates in the calendar each year as they’re the busiest networking events in town

Alex & His Sisters – an event for inspiration women in business

The Big Altrincham Social – 3 evening events to bring people together over a drink

5. Listened To More Podcasts
And on our last point – it’s about being a consumer of media rather than a producer

One of the best purchases I made in the past 12 months was a £17.99 set of headphones

It meant I leveraged my time in the gym and got to soak up podcast after podcast whilst working out

About 4-5 hours of information every week that really motivated and inspired my business to great heights

Recently I damaged my knee running outside and I miss running so much, but the only silver lining is the time I spend in the gym is more education

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