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I’m writing this blog to help you

90 Easy Ways To Improve Your Life This Year ::: 9 Areas with 10 Suggestions For Each

You can do all

You can cherry pick and mix

Some may repeat or compliment others

Some may contradict another section

But as Oscar Wilde said “The wise contradict themselves”

I hope this helps you – if you have any more to add let us know in the comments or on social media

1. Call your parents regularly
2. Commit to one meal a week together if you live together or one meal a month together for those that don’t live together
3. Focus on quality time with family – something more than “Can you just help us with XYZ”
4. Go on holiday with your family
5. Remember there are still 1st’s you can do as a family as adults
6. Take photos of your family time together as adults – don’t leave a photographic void from age 13-50
7. Acknowledge triggers for family arguments and avoid them / move on quickly
8. Celebrate every birthday together – don’t just say I don’t want to do anything this year
9. Embrace positivity and instil confidence in your family to follow their dreams
10. Keep in touch with relatives that aren’t your immediate family

1. Spend more time with the friends that make you happy and support your goals
2. Spend less time with the “friends” that make you unhappy and don’t support you
3. Plan your weekends ahead to make the most of them
4. Be fully present with those present – leave your phone in your pocket / handbag
5. The one exception to rule 4 – take a photo for the memories – phones and social are the modern day photo albums
6. When friends ask what have you done this week – say something more than “Same old, same old”
7. Talk about your goals and what is important to you regularly
8. Support your friends missions to improve their life
9. Don’t fall into routine – rip up the routine as soon as it becomes routine
10. Don’t let alcohol or drugs ruin a night out – be aware how these influence you

Fitness & Health
1. Do the fitness & health 100% for you – not for societal pressures
2. Set Smart Goals for Fitness
3. Track your calories on My Fitness pal
4. Track your exercise on a smart watch – but remember it’s a guide rather than gospel
5. Remember the number 1 way to stick to your fitness goals – is to find exercise you love
6. Don’t mess us a great week of eating well – with a binge weekend drinking
7. Commit to a fitness routine that works around your work routine
8. Have a workout buddy that inspires you
9. Read about fitness and health to keep you inspired
10. Have an upper / lower body routine in reserve in case of injury

Social Media
1. Follow those that are a positive influence in your life
2. Unfollow / Mute / block those that make your feel unhappy or miserable
3. Be a creator as well as a consumer – add to the world
4. Set time limits for social media so you don’t do the endless scroll
5. Live life for life – not for social media
6. Facebook memories is your diary – treat it as a reminder that today is important and make today special
7. Post what you’re passionate about and share that positivity with the world
8. Support your family and friends on social media – not just media and celebrities
9. Join Facebook groups to find people who share your passions
10. Look at your last 10 social media posts – ask what it says about you to the world

Work / Business
1. If you hate your work / business – make plans for a change right now – you deserve to be happy
2. Work is a big part of your life, but it not your whole life – take time off for friends and family
3. Understand the difference between a business and an expensive hobby
4. Network More
5. Learn how to present and public speak
6. Read More
7. Post Original Content On Social Media Daily
8. Write a To Do List at the end of each day
9. Be consistent
10. If you lack inspiration – step away from the desk for 30 minutes and walk / don’t

1. Be a tourist in your own town / city – write a list of all the places you’ve never been to
2. In each town or city you visit take time out to see a museum, gallery or site of significance
3. Go to at least one small gig (under 500 capacity venue) a year / month
4. Go to a gig in a different city
5. Listen to a musical genre you wouldn’t normally listen to
6. Read one book a month – and don’t just make the books about what you do for work
7. Make a shortlist of 5 podcasters you soak up
8. Visit the cinema 6 times a year
9. Go to one comedy show a year
10. If your friends won’t go – do it solo

Food & Drink
1. Go to places that are great – not just because they’re good for the (insta)gram
2. Venture outside of your home town to see a variety of what is on offer
3. If you have a favourite restaurant – work your way through the menu rather than having the same choices every time
4. Try new cuisines and world food every year
5. Go for quality, not quantity
6. Dine out on quiet nights like Monday and Tuesdays – it’s often nicer than hustle and bustle of weekends
7. Cook at home. Cook for others
8. Drink if you genuinely enjoy it – not because it’s conditioned you have to drink every night out
9. Use the discount aisles of supermarkets to try different types of food on the cheap
10. Go on a foodie weekend to a new city / country

Mental Health
1. Ask yourself every month “Am I feeling happy?”
2. Be honest with yourself about what makes you happy or unhappy
3. Put your mental health before friends, family or work commitments
4. Avoid putting yourself in scenarios that trigger mental health issues
5. Talk about mental health in a place where you feel comfortable – offline with friends, online with friends / strangers, with a professional
6. Don’t compare yourself to others
7. Don’t compare yourself to what you see on Social Media – Social Media is just the way people consciously or unconsciously choose to portray themselves
8. Sleep 7 hours a night – don’t underestimate sleep
9. Look at your crutches – do you feel guilty about turning to certain things when you hit a bad patch
10. Don’t buy newspapers or watch TV News

1. Set financial goals and talk about these goals with your partner / family
2. Write down a 1 page plan of how you plan to achieve your financial goals
3. Invest in education as much as you invest in entertainment
4. Spend more time thinking of how to increase your income than you spend time trying to save
5. Outsource tasks that you don’t do well or don’t generate you income
6. Track your expenditure on throwaway daily items (coffee / bottled water / snack machines)
7. Track your subscriptions / direct debits and cancel accordingly
8. Put a percentage of your money away to ride a recession / bad patch
9. Look at what you can do to increase your income after 5pm and at weekends
10. Remember that doing nothing will not solve financial problems

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