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Abu Dhabi - Plane

Abu Dhabi – Plane

Abu Dhabi, July 2012 – it’s my location for my latest blog

We’re 2/3rds of the way through a stop off to Sydney and one thing struck me on the way here

The plane journey so far has been competent – nothing more, nothing less. It’s what you’d expect from any airline I chose to use – pleasant staff, typical airport food (albeit no veggie options – i’m not sure if the blame of that lies with family members or the airline themselves) and an in-house entertainment system.

As we land down on the tarmac we’re advised it is Ramadan here in Abu Dhabi

It took me back to first boarding the plane when glancing through the audio options they had the Q’oran as one of the main options. Upon clicking the button I was greeted to the Quran in it’s native tongue – Arabic

What a lost opportunity to expand the culture and have either an English Translation or a history of Islam on the audio offerings. Soaking up the culture would be a remarkable experience to talk about. Something remarkable for those with an interest in the subject matter on what will be a mammoth unremarkable journey

What simple procedures could your business put in place to be remarkable? What would be the cost of implementing such a system and what would be the WOM return on such a system

Something to chew on until the next blog when I arrive in Sydney

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