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Sydney Opera House - House Mates Campaign

Regeneration, I’m not sure I really like that word, but it’s the most appropriate one in this context

For want of a better word Altrincham is currently in a period of regeneration for the next few years with the new Altrincham Hospital being built on Railway Street,  the as yet to be decided usage for the old hospital sight and of course Altrincham Forward’s plans for the market area

One St Peters Square Manchester

One St Peters Square Manchester


When I visit Manchester I see real positive forward thinking regeneration of the area surrounding Manchester Library and the Town Hall and the magnificent One St Peters Square building which will set the standard for years to come. The positive messages of both sites are at odds with each other but they’re a good mix – the cultural and people’s history of Manchester past on the Library with the positive statemement of intent for the future on the St Peters Square site

Sydney Opera House - House Mates Collage

Sydney Opera House - House Mates Collage


As I write this blog i’m sat in Sydney near the Opera House which is also going through a period of regeneration. Like the Town Hall in Manchester it’s very much focused on the personal experiences of those that the Opera House has inspired over the years. As you’ll see from the campaign entitled “House Mates” the building up of the collage was very much based around a facebook page which collected photos and why the opera house has inspired them

So Altrincham, when we build the new Hospital DO put our message to the world about how Altrincham has inspired us, it’s memories and DON’T have a blank canvas for flyposters for events outside the walls of Altrincham

With Sydney Opera House “House Mates” as our inspiration I want our online community to start what will hopefully go offline in the near future

I’ve set up a “Altrincham Inspiration and Memories” gallery on our Altrincham HQ facebook for you to

A) put your headshot photo


B) Caption as to how Altrincham has inspired you

Join in the positive messages here on our facebook and click photos


Please click share this below and encourage friends and family to join in – we all have our story to tell 

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