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Perfect is something that is talked about in business and social media a lot, whether that be the image of perfection causing mental health problems for teenagers or whether it’s startups stunted by perfection

The quest for perfection is something we’re all aiming for. It’s a quest often never ends and if often about the journey rather than the end goal. We are human beings and we always think we can strive for better.

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, perfection is something you really should be aiming for. Your LinkedIn profile is as important as your business card, as your website, as important as how you present yourself at a networking event. It certainly shouldn’t be left to chance or be something you’re embarrassed to show off to others.

In our latest blog we look at the question how do you know if your LinkedIn profile isn’t perfect?

It’s an important question as after training hundreds of individuals on LinkedIn, I’m yet to meet a person who hasn’t left a session without radically changing what they feature on their profile

When we think of LinkedIn Profile we think of elements like
– Profile Photo
– Cover Photo
– Professional Headline
– LinkedIn Summary / About Section
– Experience
– LinkedIn Recommendations

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When we talk about what having a perfect profile leads to it’s
– More awareness
– More connections
– More sales

This is How You Know If Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Perfect

This is a very very easy one. If your LinkedIn profile is incomplete, then it’s obvious that it isn’t perfect

Look at all the different areas of your LinkedIn profile we mentioned above

Having an incomplete LinkedIn Profile is like having an incomplete CV or a business card with half the details missing. It simply isn’t good enough

In our LinkedIn training sessions we will spend 2 hours perfecting your LinkedIn profile in terms of text, copy and the language which attracts your ideal customers

Your LinkedIn profile should be a representation of where you are now. It needs to be up to date, needs to best represent where are you currently are and what you currently offer to people

A lot of peoples LinkedIn profiles are only updated when they get a new job or set up a new business and they often omit amazing success stories such as awards, testimonials, and all the things that you should shout and dance about

Imagine for a moment heading to a networking event handing out business cards with a phone number or email address or company that ceased to be in use 2 years ago – that is the real life equivalent of an out of date LinkedIn profile except LinkedIn networking takes place 24 hours a day 7 days a week

As we said at the beginning of this blog your LinkedIn profile is as important as your business card, your website or the way you present yourself at face-to-face networking events, so you need to consider whether your LinkedIn profile looks unprofessional or not

If you truly believe you offer the best quality service in your industry then your LinkedIn profile needs to be in accurate representation of that

You don’t want to be seen as startup when you’re an highly experience professional with years of experience and qualifications behind you

If people have never met you or only met you once, then LinkedIn is the 1st or lasting memory of you

Make sure you leave a good one

Imagine for a second that you filled in your LinkedIn profile, you believe it’s complete and you’re active on LinkedIn on a regular basis

But then there is a damning reality that people don’t reach out to you and people do not want to connect with you

That is a key indicator that there is something amiss on your LinkedIn profile. A perfect LinkedIn profile Will always attract people towards you just as a dating profile will always encourage people to swipe right than swipe left

I joke with the dating analogy, but I suspect many of you reading this have spend more time making sure your Tinder or Plenty Of Fish profile looks great than you have on LinkedIn

As well as attracting nobody, an indicator but your LinkedIn profile isn’t perfect as you’re simply attracting the wrong people or the wrong type of clients, you’ve spent a long time thinking about your perfect customer and have

customer avatar documents and marketing plans that detail the type of clients you would love to work with or know would form a great partnership

But when it comes to LinkedIn every time you look at new connection requests you’re attracting the types of customer you would rather cross the street to avoid.

You need to think what sort of message your LinkedIn profile is sending out. It may not be the customers fault for gravitating towards you, the messages you’re sending out may be drawing them towards you

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