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Everything is marketing and marketing is everything

The reason I’m posting this is business owners simply don’t understand the mass impact the marketing has on their life and on their business

The very device that you’re reading this blog on is all down to marketing. The seat that you’re sitting on now is because of marketing. And the house that you live in is down to marketing

And every single aspect of our life marketing permeates itself

The records you listen to, the clothes you wear, TV shows you watch, the wedding venue you chose, the career you chose, the food you eat, the school you send your kids, the house you live in, supermarket shopping, the gym you go to, the local pub you drink in

Even dating is marketing. You put your best image forward to sell yourself to the guy or girl of your dreams

What is great about great marketing is that it sells to you subliminally and you don’t often realise it’s happening. We rarely see an advert or a marketing campaign and immediately rush out and buy from it, because that would be too obvious. But over time ware seduced and tantalised into buying products and services that marketers want you to buy. It taps into our worldview, emotions and the very thing that makes us human. People love to buy but we don’t like to be sold to

In the right hands great marketing helps us make our lives in better. It helps us make the right decisions and our life is richer for it. In the wrong hands marketing makes us make wrong decisions like we’ve seen with tobacco companies and fast food outlets

And yet when I posted on social media that everything is marketing, it amazed me people still had the audacity to believe that marketing does not influence any single aspect of their life. Without offending this person, because I know this person and respect them, in 2019 claiming that marketing does not affect your life is like claiming the world is flat

Let me put this into context

I know this person for instance goes on luxury holidays every single year. I think about which elements of marketing affects their choice of destination, resort and hotel for each holiday. There are brochures, word-of-mouth, TripAdvisor reviews and past experiences. Every single one of those is marketing

I also know this person often goes to see Stadium gigs such as Coldplay rather than dingy toilet gigs. The journey of Coldplay actually has connection with Manchester. They played In The City, the music conference that was set up by Manchester  legend Tony Wilson, and there was an element of marketing involved in every aspect of their journey. The band had to be marketed to secure a showcase at In The City, A&R men has to be marketed to to make sure they attended the showcase, they got signs and played the NME tour, they needed radio pluggers and press pluggers to get them exposure on TV, radio and press and everything we know now is history. They are selling out venues like the Etihad in Manchester. And tickets were sold by you guessed it – marketing

So I bring you back to where we started. Everything is marketing and marketing is everything.

93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media

53% of time spent on mobile phones is spent on social media platforms

And the average person picks up their mobile phone 150 times a day

Unless you live in a cave everything is marketing and marketing is everything

Is marketing important to your business?

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