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How do you define ‘good’ content for a blog/article?

This was a question which was asked recently on “Ingenious Britain Small Business Networking and Support Group” LinkedIn group, so I thought i’d expand on my LinkedIn¬†contribution to the question

The shortest possible answer is does the blog fulfil the objectives you set to achieve by writing it?

Ultimately – if you don’t know what you want to achieve before writing there are no ways of measuring or assessing if the content you produced has worked as planned

If I told you that every blog I’ve wrote on my Altrincham HQ website has won me business either direct as a stand alone piece or as a long term strategy you might not believe me, but it’s true.

Importantly the winning business, is a by-product of what they were set out to – which was to write well and write often.

I’m passionate about what I do and that comes across in what I write!!

When I write a blog I have clear objectives of what I want the blog to achieve and broadly these usually fall into 3 categories:

  • Awareness – Will people like this blog enough to share it?
  • Trust Building – Does this build trust with my existing network and show my indepth knowledge on the subject I cover
  • Call To Action – Will people react to the blog in such a away that readers email / call to ask about services offered

If a blog achieves any of the 3 above it has done it’s job.

And once the blog is published, think about how you will distribute the blog across Social Media and mailing lists to make the maximum impact

Let us know how you define good content for blogs below? Which has been your most successful blog ever and why?

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