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British Pub

At Altrincham HQ we love the Great British Pub. At 5pm on a Friday there is no better feeling!

However, it’s not slipped our attention that a lot of pubs don’t do Social Media very well, if at all.

Here are 5 Reasons Local Pubs Should Start Tweeting

  1. Restaurants are leading the way on Social Media and winning business every single day, but the actual average spend in restaurants and pubs isn’t that much different. Consumers now spend an average of  £17.06 & £15.30 each time they visit a restaurant or pub respectively. That means if you got just 1 extra customer a day you’d be looking at £459 extra a month or over £5500 a year
  2. Pub Quiz? Football? Niche Sports? Food? Live Music? Poker Night? Does your pub offer entertainment experience that people don’t know about? Twitter offers a real time what’s on guide for both locals and visitors to your town.
  3. The pub was once the heart of the local community. Despite changing times I am still am of the belief it still it is. Twitter is a great way for you to restablish yourself in the heart of that local community as twitter brings locals together both online and out to real life events
  4. Put up a well designed poster and your customers will help spread the word for you. Even if you don’t offer entertainment and are simply a traditional pub that offers pints, crisps and nuts – your  customers are what makes your pub experience unique. Contact Altrincham Design Studio for Twitter / Social Media Posters ( )
  5. Done well Twitter is a significantly better value and importantly a more effective way of marketing than advertising in the local newspaper

As I finish writing this blog I look out the window and counting through the houses I realise that nearly 40% of the residents on our street didn’t grow up in our local town – newbies to the town will have less knowledge than locals as to not only what your pub offers, but where you pub actually is.

If you’d like to chat more about using Twitter For Your Pub – email or call 07806 774279

We can either train you to use Social Media the right way or we offer a Management Service – i.e we do the twitter updates for you

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