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Surprising as it may seem – I’m rarely asked the very specific question of – how can twitter help my business?

More often than not it’s how do I use twitter? Or what is twitter? Should I use twitter or facebook?

I got asked this question last week after a networking meeting and I thought I’d take time to answer it for all of you as many of you have possibly been secretly thinking the same thing

What people don’t actually get is that twitter is simply a communication tool for either 121 conversations (where it really works) or for mass broadcasting (which has it’s place if the message is interesting and engaging i.e bang on target with your target market)

So how can twitter help my business is a little like saying how can a pen, telephone, email or my mouth help my business

It’s not so much the tool itself that will actually help – but how you actually use it and your implementation of it on a day to day basis

If you think twitter won’t work for your business ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will talking 121 with our customers / target market help our business?
  • Will educating potential customers about our product / service better inform them so they buy from us?
  • Will making our customers laugh, think or ponder put our business at the front of their minds?
  • Will a support network of local businesses we know offline help spread the word through their network?
  • Will talking to our customers / audience just because we care (and even when we’re not trying to sell) make them think better of us?
  • Will us having an understanding of what is happening in our home town rather than being heads down in our own business help create a greater understanding of the market
  • Will others talking us up to their friends on twitter help generate new business?So How can twitter help your business  – it will aid all of the above if used correctly!!!

If you want the business case for it

  • Twitter drives more traffic to our website than LinkedIn and Facebook combined – only organic traffic via blogging trumps it
  • Twitter brings us in the most business of all social channels
  • For all our clients Twitter is by far the most successful of all channels

If you want to be ahead of your competition – book in a 121 Half Days Twitter Training Session so you can gain the same success as us – a bundle of info on our Social Media Training is available by clicking here

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