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Freemen Of Altrincham - Alex McCann

It’s nearly a month since I received the Freedom of Altrincham

If I’m honest it’s still not quite sank in

It’s like when I was an Olympic Torchbearer back in 2012

You don’t ever have something like this down on your goals list or your vision board as a remote possibility

It still feels a little bit crazy when I’m out with friends and someone from Primary School or business circles comes up to me and says “Well done on receiving the Freedom of Altrincham”

I’m just a normal working class guy who grew up in the Navigation Road part of Altrincham and has done what I love and I’ve enjoyed every single moment. Sure I know I approach everything I do with an obsession and dedication and I’ve done that to a fault where obsessive eating made me weigh nearly 20 stone and I’ve done it with music and Altrincham.

I must have heard the “You can walk your sheep through Altrincham” at least 200 times now and it’s still raising a smile

Freemen Of Altrincham - Alex McCann

I founded Altrincham HQ, my social media and training company, back in 2009

And being interviewed about receiving the honour I said the following

“I am gobsmacked to receive this honour at just 41-years-old”

“When I started the business I felt the internet was important.”

“Altrincham was always a bit behind the city centre but I think that has changed.”

“I use social media to help small businesses get exposure and therefore increase sales.”

Over six years, I have raised £15,000 for Christie’s with his charity Altrincham vs Cancer and next event is on February 27 at Pure Gym, Altrincham. For more information, see http:///

“When you run a business you have a responsibility to help others.”

Freemen Of Altrincham - Alex McCann

The Freedom of Altrincham is the highest honour that can be bestowed & has a great history.

The records go back to 1425

This decision is upheld in respect of your dedication to the community of Altrincham and its environs as well as all manner of charitable causes and community vestiges.

By virtue of the charter given under the hand of Baron Hamon de Massey of Dunham in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety, the Freemen Burgesses of the Ancient Township of Altrincham have rights and privileges within the Lordship of Dunham Massey.

People keep joking I can walk sheep through Altrincham and get free ale in drinking establishments – but as a non drinker of just over a year I’m not sure if that extends to non-alcoholic ale 😉

All those at Altrincham Court Leet include the Alderman and Burgesses including Denise Laver, Alan Laver, Tony Collier, Sue Aldridge and many more

I can’t leave this without thanking those closest to me

My Mum Anne McCann – a nurse all her life. More people actually know her than know me despite me having 35,000 social media followers and has dedicated her working life and retirement to caring about others

My Dad Derek McCann – a massive passion for music which kickstarted everything I did professionally. The love of his hometown Preston, despite now living in Altrincham for double the time he lived in Preston, must have somehow been ignited in myself for Altrincham

My best friend Mark Winstanley – my absolute rock. Before I met Mark I was a shy awkward teenager and with kindness and generosity of spirt has given me the confidence over 20 years to follow and chase my dreams. Mark is hugely positive figure to every single person who meets him

In my heart my Freedom is shared with those 3 people

Alex McCann

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