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“Do you need a tragic backstory to post on LinkedIn?”

This was a question we were asked recently during a networking discussion.

It could have been phrased “Do you need to be personal on LinkedIn?” or “Do you need to be vulnerable on LinkedIn”?

The attendee felt they couldn’t post on LinkedIn because they didn’t have an X Factor sob story to hook people in.



You certainly don’t need a tragic backstory to post on LinkedIn.

It’s one of the types of content that does well because people buy into people.

And it’s an entirely personal choice whether you choose to reveal elements of your life on LinkedIn.

I’ve been on LinkedIn for over a decade and, apart from once where I was struggling with a bereavement, I haven’t got into deeply personal areas of my life.

In fact after explaining the short answer here they booked on to our LinkedIn training and are now regular members of the community and state that they’re “getting lots of views for my recent posts (all thanks to you!)”


Your posts on LinkedIn have to have an emotional punch to them.

They have to make people feel something.

There has to be an emotional reaction with content on LinkedIn.

And that even goes down to the educational posts.


Here are 6 types of posts that work regularly on LinkedIn

How to use Positive News Posts On LinkedIn

LinkedIn a really positive community.

And yet we’re all a little too British on LinkedIn so we shy away from posting positive news on LinkedIn. We all feel it makes us look a little boastful or that we’re bragging in some way.

Remember what we often say in that “If you don’t promote yourself, you demote yourself”

We all need to be a little bit more American and a little less British when it comes to LinkedIn.

If you have positive news about your business or personal life tell the whole world about it.

On LinkedIn people like to see others doing well so you’ll get a lot of positive feedback in terms of likes and comments and that helps more people see that you’re doing well.

How To Use Vulnerable Posts On LinkedIn

Vulnerable posts on LinkedIn don’t necessarily translate to tragic backstory.

Vulnerable posts as we’ve seen through the pandemic could mean struggling with working from home, anxiety, home schooling, motivation, doom scrolling and more.

It could also be a particular problem you’re having in the business and the need for help.

Maybe business is a little slower than normal.

Maybe a client hasn’t paid up.

Maybe you’re having a techie issue.

Showing that you aren’t Super (wo)man is often a chance for people to rally around you and give you support.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

How Dividing Opinion Can Help You On LinkedIn

Now note I’m not telling you to the Piers Morgan or Katie Hopkins of LinkedIn.

I’m not telling you to wake up each morning and do a post on LinkedIn to be antagonistic.

But there are clearly issues in your industry and in business that are divisive.

One example of this was when we asked the question “If you were 18 in 2018 would you go to University?”

Now that post isn’t about social media, but it was about one of the sectors (education) we work with regularly.

It got us in front of 109,000 people; had 119 likes and 364 comments; importantly, it also won us 5 new social media training clients with have turned into annual jobs for us now.

If you have very strong opinions about something in your world – changes are someone will have very strong opinions for the opposing viewpoint.


How Including Others In Posts Can Help You On LinkedIn

You are part of a wider world on LinkedIn.

Your direct community and network.

The content you consume from blogs to podcasts to videos.

Talking about others in an authentic way is such an easy way to inspire content.

As business owners we’re always educating ourselves whether it’s deep learning such as a training course or workshop or day to day learning like content consumption.

Are you talking about what you’ve learnt recently to help others?

How being topical on LinkedIn Posts can help you on LinkedIn

The world of social media changes a lot.

In fact in the last 7 days there have been changes for nearly every social media platform out there.

And that’s one way I can remain topical and current, by talking about how they impact businesses and marketing.

Whichever industry you work in / with there are probably topical issues you can talk about in a way that inspires or makes your audience curious.

Why not take a look at the news section of LinkedIn or the BBC website for inspiration.

What can you talk about today?

And finally, the words you’ve been waiting for – You Can Do Sales Posts On LinkedIn

It’s OK to sell on LinkedIn.

Re-read that again.

You shouldn’t try and sell in every post.

But it’s OK to talk about the things you offer, the products / services that help people, and what you want to sell

At least once a month we’ll mention our latest launch of social media training dates

At least once a month i’ll reintroduce ourselves to LinkedIn

At least once a month I’ll include the link to our latest networking event

At least once a month I’ll mention my latest social media speaking gigs

At least once a month I’ll mention our testimonials

And in between i’ll do the soft sell posts which document what i’ve been doing that week

When was the last time you did one of the above?

Hopefully the above shows you that you don’t need a tragic backstory for your LinkedIn Posts


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