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Treehouse Play Altrincham
As an ex-journalist I know what makes for a great story and so much of what we do at Altrincham HQ is an editorial process

We tell stories, narratives and post updates that truly capture the passions of our audience

Storytelling is the heart of what we do

So in a world where most businesses treat social media like chuggers – forceful, in your face and demanding – it’s a pleasure to meet a business who realise the power of a good story

The Treehouse are such a business whose story and vision is it’s magic

Imagine your town for a second. The rest of the town has been gentrified and there’s that end of town that hasn’t moved on. Where pound shops, betting shops and charity shops fill nearly every unit and there’s no hope

And then imagine a business that sees something more. Senses that their business could not only open and be a huge success, but also change perceptions of that part of town

The Treehouse describe themselves as

“In simple terms, the Treehouse is a children’s play centre with a restaurant. We’ve all been there, right? Two hours of our lives spent in a soulless warehouse drinking bad coffee and eating frozen pizza wondering what happened to the  dreams of our youth. Of course, the kids are having a great time, so that’s the most important thing right?! Well, we’re approaching things a little bit differently…

In our play areas think Swiss Family Robinson adventure playground. Our restaurant serves a menu of delicious dishes made from the freshest locally sourced ingredients for both children and adults. Forget queuing at the counter with a  tired little one, we offer full waiter service! And how about a glass of prosecco with your dish? Yes, we’re licensed too. Relax under the canopy of a silver birch forest and let us take care of you.

We want to create a haven for children and adults alike, but actually more than that, we want to create a community hub. The Treehouse is somewhere you can come to all the time, without having to ask yourself daily what to do to entertain yourselves.”

It’s a grand vision and we knew that from when we 1st heard about the plans

Since they announced their opening, boutique cinema Everyman have also confirmed plans to open and are due to join them next door within the next 6 weeks

At the time Altrincham HQ first heard and announced the exclusive plans for Treehouse the audience online have been enraputured

Our 1st post reached 11,212 and received 318 Reactions, Comments & Shares

We’d announced the plans before the business announced their plans (owner Adam was even surprised stating “Not sure how you knew about it, but people seemed quite excited by it!”” and from that point on Treehouse worked with Altrincham HQ to provide exclusive content for the local audience

The 2nd post showed 3D renders of the play centre itself and social media again exploded – 15,319 People Reached and 732 Reactions, Comments & Shares

And this week our most recent post was an exclusive look at the final build before doors opening with 33,401 People Reached and 1,610 Reactions, Comments & Shares

So are they numbers just vanity metrics or did they actually lead to bookings. What does nearly 60,000 people in a town aware about a business actually mean in real life, the life away from social media where it’s people through doors and cash in wallets which pay rents, rates and staff

After our latest post the 1st week of bookings are fully booked and the Treehouse owner Adam Abadi talks about how Altrincham HQ made the Treehouse launch successfully

“It’s clear Alex has a real passion and love for Altrincham, as evidenced by the fact that he is seemingly the first to know about any potential new developments and openings that may be on the horizon. Indeed, he knew and had posted online about the Treehouse before I’d even told some of my closest friends!

It was fantastic how Alex really supported and championed our business as he realised it was something that was going to be of benefit to the Altrincham and wider area community. I was quite amazed to see how many people he was able to reach through his various social media accounts and to see how engaged people would become with his posts. It is clear that Alex has a fantastic following in the local area and that people really take notice of his posts.

In terms of helping us to launch, I would say he was nothing short of invaluable”

Altrincham HQ owner Alex McCann says

“The launch period for a business is absolutely critical. Far many businesses hope that word of mouth will help grow their business, but word of mouth is not a marketing plan is no one knows your business exists. The Treehouse realised that we have a captive audience that could not only drive awareness, but lead to actual sales. There are very few businesses who can say they’ve reached 60,000 people before doors have opened via organic social media.

Altrincham HQ is the natural choice for businesses looking to make an impact. We’ve been helping businesses market themselves since 2009 and have seen the changes in Altrincham. The businesses that survived and made a success of their business in Altrincham are the ones that realise that marketing matters.”

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